How to write a complaint letter to police commissioner.


How to write a complaint letter to police commissioner. Tip: Firstly, you should Identify the type of letter. There are formal, informal and semi-formal letters. Moreover, this is a formal letter. There is a different format for each type of letter. You must write your letter following the correct format. When you write your complaint … Read more

UK Student visa interview Questions & Answers 2022


UK Student visa interview Questions & Answers     Note: Below given questions are commonly asked in UK Student visa interview. The interview is scheduled by the university where you have applied for your further studies. These are sample answers and will provide you with an idea to prepare your own answers. You can prepare … Read more

synonyms for ielts, which will definitely Increase your band score


List of synonyms for ielts   DOWNLOAD The List of 50 Common words with synonyms for ielts DOWNLOAD The List of 50 Common words with synonyms for ielts   People:public, citizens, residents, inhabitants, individuals, populace Children:Kids, Minors, Juveniles, Youngsters, Adolescent, Offspring. Companies:Firm, Organisation, Enterprise, Businesses,Corporation. Government:Authority, Regime, Ministry, Governance. Methods:Ways, Approach/Approaches, Techniques Popular people:Famous personalities/persons, glamorous people, … Read more

study loan for Canada.

Study loan for Canada Education loan for Canada. Presently, a maximum number of individuals aspire to study at Canada.  There are several destinations, where students can pursue their study such as: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European countries However, Canada is most preferred destination for students. Moreover, individuals want to study Canada to pursue their further … Read more

How to write Introduction for IELTS writing task 2.

ielts task 2

how to write Introduction for IELTS writing TASK 2: What is Introduction for IELTS writing? The format of IELTS essay writing (Task 2), consists introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Moreover, an essay starts with an introduction. It is the first paragraph of the essay. Purpose of Introduction paragraph in IELTS writing task 2?   The … Read more

Which one is easier the IELTS General or IELTS academic?

The main purpose of IELTS (General and Academic IELTS) exam is to find out in which level are you in English language. The motive of both category General and Academic IELTS is same, to check the English language proficiency. However, the purpose to take both the test differs as per candidate. Q – What is … Read more

How to prepare for the IELTS in one month in 2022.


For preparing Ielts in one month, you have to follow a strict study plan. IELTS is a testing system to check English proficiency. As you know, the full form of Ielts is International English language testing system. Generally speaking, if you have good control on English language. Then, all you need is a good study … Read more