Cue Card: Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in.

Cue Card: Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in.

  • Where the place is?
  • How you knew about it?
  • How often you go there?
  • What you do there?
  • Why you like the place?

To answer this cue card topic(quiet place), read the below given sample answer. You will surely get some amazing ideas. Also, go through the follow up questions and answers.

Sample answer on the cue card topic, describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in:

There are times, when we require a quiet place to take a deep breath and enjoy some time alone away from all the worldly matters. Likewise, I prefer to visit a quiet place and spend my time over there.

I would like to describe a quiet place, where I spend my time.




The quiet place where I usually go to seek some peace, is the green park situated in the city canter, Chandigarh. Moreover, this park is spread in large area and is famous park of my city. Also, it provides the peaceful environment where one can forget all the stress and get pleasure. The Park is surrounded with distinct trees and plants.

Furthermore, I came to know about this quiet place from one of my friends. As my friend visit the park every morning for practicing yoga. Also, he prefers to do meditation over there. He told me that it is the best place to relax and enjoy the nature.

After that, I made a plan to visit the green park of my city. I usually go there on every weekend. Additionally, whenever I am upset, I love to sit at the park and listen to my favourite songs.

Moreover, I enjoy the greenery around me and feel relaxed. Also, I do meditation by which I remember the God, it makes me feel energetic as well as positive. I love to embrace the beauty of nature. I click the photographs of birds and butterflies. Apart from this, I do the pending project work on my laptop as there I can easily concentrate on my work.

In addition to this, I interact with old age people and get to know about their life experiences. By this, I gain the knowledge and inspiration from them. I get to learn a lot from the quiet place, where I spend my time.

I admire the quiet place due to its peaceful environment. The place makes me feel close to the mother nature. According to me, it is an ideal place for doing important work, exercising, meditation and enjoying the pleasant weather. I have also recommended the place, to my friends and neighbours.

Follow up questions:

Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

I think in urban areas, the traffic congestion and noise pollution are common problem. Also, the market area of cities is crowded. Thus, it is difficult to find quiet places in cities.

However, there are parks in the residential areas of cities, where people go to spend their time. Parks are considered as the quiet place by the people of cities.

why do people go to quiet places?

As per my opinion, when people feel exhausted after working for long hours and handling the life issues. They require a quiet place, where they can feel relaxed and divert their mind from all the issues.

Furthermore, sometimes a person feels very lost in his/ her own thoughts. To figure out the state of mind, people go to the quiet place.

why is it quieter in the rural areas?

In villages and farms, the infrastructure is totally different from the cities. The area is very open as compared to cities. In cities, there is problem of traffic congestion.

Additionally, in rural areas there are lot of trees and empty zones. Therefore, there is no issue related to noise in rural areas.

This is the Sample Answer and Follow up questions(speaking part 3) on cue card topic: Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in.

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