Cue Card: Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line.

Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line.

  • When it was?
  • How long the queue/ line was?
  • What it was about?
  • How you felt about waiting in this long queue or line?

Sample answer 1:

It has happened with me several times, when I had to wait in a long line.

I would like to describe a time when I had to wait in a long line.

In 2020, new rules and regulations were updated due to corona virus pandemic. There were fixed timings for the shopping complex, restaurants, bakery shops, grocery and other shops. Moreover, people had to follow strict rules and visit the shops according to the timings issued by the government.

Furthermore, I go for the grocery shopping every month. My preferable place for shopping grocery items is D-mart. Also, maximum people of my area go D-mart for their shopping.

At that time, a new rule was imposed by the authorities of D-mart, every individual visiting the place was told to stand in a round circle according to their number. Actually, in front of the store the circles were made with the paint and numbers were written in them. Moreover, all the visitors were told to stand in the circles. The reason for this system was to maintain social distance.

Additionally, I went to the store for the shopping. I followed the same rule and there was a long line. As everyone was standing according to the numbers. Also, only five persons were allowed to go inside the store. Although, This was a time – consuming procedure but it was important to follow. I had to wait for around one hour in the long line. There were many people those came for the same purpose so I had to wait.

In addition to this, I felt exhausted as I had to use mask the entire time, which made me feel suffocated. Also, the weather was sunny and it was hard to wait in a long line.

However, I felt relaxed when my turn came and I went inside the store. I done my shopping and was relieved that at least I got all the items. The situation during that time period was not so good as people were facing lot of problem to get the grocery. It was difficult to wait in a long line but it was necessary for public health. Therefore, this was a time when I had to wait in a long line.

Sample answer two on the cue card, describe a time when you had to wait in a long line:

It is hard to wait as it requires lot of patience. Also, waiting in a long line is a tough task.

I would like to speak on a time, when I had to wait in a long line.

Previous month, I went for Covid – 19 vaccination. Moreover, I visited government hospital of my city. When I entered the main gate, The staff member told me to stand in the line and follow the further instructions. The faculty members were standing at every spot for the guidance.

Furthermore, the queue was very long and I had to wait for the registration process. The main focus was to maintain the distance and people those went for vaccination were told to follow all the rules. Later on, my turn came and I went through the registration process which involved three stages. Moreover, it consisted the personal details form, medical check-up and registration.

After the registration process, I got my token number for the vaccination. Additionally, They said me to wait in the waiting area. There, I sat according to my token number which was 246. The staff members were sending only two candidates at a time in the vaccination hall.

Finally, my turn came and I went in the vaccination hall. I got the vaccination done and was happy. However, it was difficult to wait for so long. I just had the thought that vaccination is must require so I have to wait. I felt tired but after the vaccination dose, everything was good. Thus, this was the time when I had to wait in a long line.

Follow up questions on the cue card, describe a time when you had to wait in a long line:

  • What do people like to do while waiting in a line?

People do several things while, waiting in a line. People do conversations on a phone call, listen their favourite music and talk with the people around them.

  • Do Indian people often wait in queue?

Yes, of course, there are various places where an individual has to wait in a queue. People wait at grocery store at the billing counter. As everyone has to follow the queue and wait for their turn.

Moreover, there are other places where people have to wait. The places include –    food outlets, bank, electricity board office and other government offices.

  • What do you think who jump the queue?

As per my opinion, I feel bad as it is unfair with the people standing in the queue for a long time. Additionally, I get angry and think why can’t people follow the rules. Sometimes, I even school the person who jump the queue.

  • How can companies improve their customer service?

According to my view, companies should focus on customer satisfaction. It is essential to deal with the customer in a polite manner. Also, listening to the customer complaints and considering their queries is must require.

  • Do you think development of technology has reduced the time people have to wait in queues?

Yes, technology has been very beneficial for people. Presently, people go for the home delivery option and this saves their time. Whether people order food from a restaurant or order grocery items. They have option of home delivery due to internet service and phone applications.

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