Cue Card-Describe the activity that gives you happiness.

Sample answers for Describe the activity that gives you happiness.

  • What is the activity?
  • When you do it?
  • Why you like it?
  • How you feel after it?

Sample answer for the cue card:

There are some activities that bring our inner feelings out and reflect our personality.

Everyone has their choice of activity that gives them immense happiness. Moreover, it is necessary to take out the hidden emotions and thoughts out.

I would like to describe the activity that gives me happiness.

To gain some peace and happiness, I write poetry. This is what defines me and allows another person to meet the real me.


I enjoy writing during my leisure time. There is no specific time for it. Whenever I have some thoughts in mind, I write down the poetry.

I enjoy doing this activity to express every kind of emotion that I experience which includes – when I am upset, happy, confused and angry. Portraying all my emotions in words, just like beads in a thread, there is nothing more relaxing than it.

Furthermore, I find writing very interesting activity. Additionally, I feel delighted when my skill is appreciated by my family and friends. Everyone enjoys listening my poetry and find the lyrics meaningful. This provides me lot of encouragement.

After this activity, I feel relaxed and calm which help me to perform the other tasks of the day. Also, It provides me satisfaction as it makes me feel that I have done something productive. Thus, Writing is the activity that gives me happiness.

Sample answer two for the activity that gives you happiness:

There are several activities such as painting, dancing, cooking, reading and writing those give me happiness. I love to do these activities during weekends.

I would speak on the activity that gives me happiness.

Painting is the activity that I enjoy the most. I am in love with colours since my childhood days. In addition to this, I do this activity on every weekend as I get lot of free time.


I feel that bringing all the colours together and forming a unique picture out of it is amazing. Moreover, presenting a complete story by a painting is an innovative thing. When you are not very expressive and you present your thoughts by the piece of art. It is a kind of achievement.

After this activity, I feel extremely happy. Also, I get a good sleep as it releases stress. This is something without which I feel something missing. Painting has become an important part of my life. Therefore, this is all about the activity that gives me happiness.

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