Describe a businessman you admire- ielts cue card 2022

Describe a businessman you admire.

    • Who this person is?
    • How do you know this person?
    • What kind of business this person does?
    • Why do you admire this person?

Sample answer one for the cue card: Describe a businessman you admire:


I am inspired from the success stories of several businessman. I love to listen to their motivational speech and Ted talks, where they elaborate about their hardships and journey to success.


Also, to know more facts and details about them. I read their biography on social sites.

Moreover, in my nation there are many successful businessmen. However, I would describe a businessman I admire.


  • Who is this person?

The businessman I admire the most is, Ratan Tata, full name – Ratan Naval Tata. Well, he is a famous personality of my nation and is a known name. He is an Indian industrialist, humanitarian and owner of Tata Group.


  • How do you know this person?

As I told you earlier, Ratan Tata is a known name and every Indian knows about him very well. I came to know about him during my schooling. I read about Ratan Tata, in my school books and was very impressed by his works.

Also, I read his biography and came to know about his contribution in Indian economy. I have heard a lot about him from my parents and teachers. Everyone respects him a lot as he has won heart of Indian people through his good deeds.


  • What kind of business does this person do?

He is owner of Tata Group, which includes various companies such as, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Indian Hotels, Tata Communications, Tata Digital and Tata Consultancy Services.

In addition, the Tata Group runs more than 100 countries in six continents. It is recognized globally and is ranked among the world’s esteemed brands.


  • Why do you admire this person?

I admire Ratan Tata as he is an inspiration for me. He motivates me to dream big and focus on the goals. The best thing about him is that he is a very humble and down-to-earth person. Moreover, he does a lot of charity and always comes forward to help the nation in hard times.

Ratan Tata was honored with the awards, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. Also, awarded ‘Assam Baibhav’ for his notable contribution towards promoting cancer care in Assam.

There are ample of reasons due to which I admire this person a lot. As the person has done a lot for the people of my nation.

Sample answer two for the cue card, describe a businessman you admire:


I have read and got to know about many businessmen through newspaper, social sites, media and my friends.

There are many well-known businessmen in my home country. Here, I would like to describe a businessman I admire.

  • Who is this person?

    Aman Gupta businessman


Aman Gupta is an Indian businessman. He is co-founder of the famous brand ‘

Boat’. Also, he is the CEO (chief executive officer) of Boat. Well, Boat is an Indian company that deals with the audio devices. It includes devices such as earbuds, headphones (both wired and wireless), speakers, cables and smartwatch. All the products of brand Boat are designed very well and attract the attention of the customers.

  • How do you know this person?

I came to know about Aman Gupta, through the business-related show, named ‘Shark Tank India’. The show comes on the channel Sony. Currently, the show is gaining popularity and I love the concept of this show.

Furthermore, in this show there are seven judges. Aman Gupta is one of the judges of the show- Shark Tank India. Through this show, I came to know that he is co-founder, CEO and CMO of the reputed brand Boat.

Earlier, I had used the earbuds of the brand Boat. I was impressed a lot with the quality and design of the product. Also, the price of the products is not so high. All the products offer a very high quality in a good price range. However, I never searched about the man behind it. Later on, I came to know about him through ‘Shark Tank India’.


  • What kind of business this person does?

I already told you about brand Boat. Other than that, he has invested in various firms such as Bummer, Anveshan, Skippy Ice Pops, WickedGud, 10club, Ship rocket and FreeCaller.


  • Why do you admire this person?

Aman Gupta’s journey to success is very inspirational. He is the youngest entrepreneur and his story motivates me a lot. I saw an interview, where he talked about his early days, before building the reputed brand Boat. He very well knows what the youngsters of the nation search for.

Actually, the features and quality youngsters search in audio products cost them a lot. Before Boat, every individual was not able to enjoy the exciting features due to price range but after the brand Boat came in to the market. The high-quality audio devices were available in a good price range.

Indian people got to use the fancy and great quality audio products just because of brand Boat, and the co-founder is Aman Gupta.

These are the reasons that I admire this person.

Follow up questions: (for the cue card, describe a businessman you admire)


1- What do you think should be the retirement age for men and women?


It depends upon the person and there is no such thing as gender to specify the retirement age. It does not matter the person is male or female, every individual has their own physical strength and work according to it.

Moreover, if asked about the retirement age, I think above 60 years is alright to get the retirement. As for working for so many years, a person should get time for relaxation and enjoying life further. Also, at this age one can spend time with the family and go on trips. Retirement at this age gives the individual time to cherish old memories and gain relaxation.


2- What qualities do people need to run their own business?


According to my view, the major quality required is to be passionate about the work.  One should have a keen interest in business. Moreover, there are qualities like, creative thinking, leadership, self-mastery, constant and risk-taking.

In business there are situations when one has to make quick decisions. It is absolutely necessary to have the quality of decision-making. Also, one should know how to react and handle tough situations.

Therefore, these are the qualities people need to run their own business.

3- What do you think are key factors that contribute to the success of a business?


There are several factors that are required for a successful business. Firstly, it is very important to have a clear idea about the goods and services according to the demands of the public. Thus, a good business plan is necessary. Secondly, building a network to expand the business. Third, money management is crucial.

Next, the right business strategies regarding the overall management, sales, marketing and advertising. Lastly, customer satisfaction is required for a successful business. Customers should be satisfied with the goods and services of the company.

Therefore, the above given are the key factors that contribute to the success of a business.


4- If you had the opportunity to open your own business, what would it be and why?


Well, If I had the opportunity to open the own business, I would definitely use it and open a theme cafe. As it is my dream and I have a great interest in the hotel industry. Also, I am looking forward to pursuing my further studies in hospitality management.

I have always thought of owning a cafe with a spectacular interior. I think individuals feel very comfortable at cafes to meet and interact with each other. Hence, I would open a cafe if I got an opportunity.

These are sample answers on cue card (Describe a businessman you admire) and follow up questions with answers. These can definitely help you to improve your speaking and you will get a higher band score.



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