Describe a famous person that you are interested in. cue card topic

The ielts cue card topic mentioned below is about the famous personality, whom you appreciate.

Describe a famous person that you are interested in(ielts cue card topic).

  • Who this person is?
  • How you know about this person?
  • What sort of life they had before they become famous?
  • How this person become famous and explain why you like this person?

In this cue card topic, you should talk about any of your favourite person who is well – known.

The person you choose can be from any profession.

There are many popular personalities in film and TV industry, sports persons, leaders, youtubers, models and business tycoon.

You should choose the person you appreciate and can explain well about that particular person. You should elaborate the entire topic.

Tip – Famous person is a keyword in the given ielts cue card topic.

You should use synonyms for this word and avoid repetition.

Complete Explanation of the ielts cue card topic (famous person):

♦Who this person is?

here, you should mention the name of popular person you are going to describe.

Additionally, speak something about person’s profession and achievements. By this you can provide a brief introduction about the favourite personality.

♦How you know about this person?

There are several ideas by which you can explain that how you got to know the person.

♦Ideas you can use:

  • By reading an article about the person in a magazine. You came to know about him/her.
  • Listened speech delivered by the person.
  • Follow the personality on social platforms.
  • Attended live concert of the person during your college days.
  • Heard from one of your friends and got to know some facts about the person. Later on, you searched more details on the internet.
  • Got to know through news headlines.
  • What sort of life they had before they become famous person?

Elaborate about person’s earlier lifestyle, when he/she was not famous person.

♦How this person became famous?

You should talk about the way celebrity earned fame. Additionally, you can tell about their hardships they faced to be successful.

♦Explain why you like this person?

Here, you should state the reason of admiring the person.

Sample answer one for this ielts cue card topic:

I am fascinated by various famous person.

I am inspired by many of them.

My list of renowned personalities involves – sportspersons, politicians, social activists, movie stars and entrepreneurs.

Apart from this, the well – known person I am allured by is Sonu Sood (famous person).

Sonu Sood

He is an Indian movie star, model and film producer. Also, he is a philanthropist.

Presently, he is known for his social work.

Indian people consider him as their ‘saviour’.

I used to watch Bollywood movies since my teenage years. In 2010, I watched the movie named ‘ Dabangg’. In this movie Sonu Sood played the character of a villian.

Honestly, earlier most of people preferred admiring the lead role  in the movies.

However, in this movie, Sonu Sood’s character brought a change in the outlook of people.

Additionally, I enjoyed watching his role in this movie.

Later on, I preferred watching his movies. In 2013, I watched the movie named, ‘ Ramaiya  Vastavaiya’ and felt delighted by the acting of Sonu Sood.

Currently, residents of India love and respect Sonu Sood (famous person) due to his good deeds as well as willingness to help others.

Talking about the time,  when he was not a popular person.

After, completion of his secondary education, he worked at his father’s retail store which was located at Moga, Punjab.

Further, he persued electronic engineering and during his tertiary education, he was motivated by his friends to go for modelling and acting.

Furthermore, to accomplish his goal to become a model and actor, he participated in the Grasim Mr. India Contest. Afterwards, he began his acting career in 1999 by signing a tamil movie.

Later on, his hardwork paid off as in 2005, he won popularity by the movie ‘ ashiq bnaya apne’ .

After that he did numerous hindi, tamil and telugu movies.

Sonu Sood has gained lot of popularity by his remarkable act of helping People on India.

In addition, he is providing number of social services to help the needy people. The services include – shelter, food, medical assistance and employment.

Thus, not only in India but his work is praised internationally.

I adore him because he is selflessly serving the nation. As per my opinion, It takes lot of courage to help people in such a way as Sonu Sood has done.

I appreciate the fact, he took the decision of serving the country at the tough times. Sonu Sood has shown that humanity still exists in this modern world.

In addition to this, he has encouraged lot of other celebrities to step forward and help indigent people.

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Sample answer two for this ielts speaking cue card:

I admire and follow many popular personalities.

In contrast, the personality about whom I am fascinated is Muniba Mazari (famous person) . Also, said an ” Iron lady of Pakistan”.

“Iron lady of Pakistan”

She has multiple roles as a social activist, anchor, model, singer, artist and motivational speaker.

Moreover, she is Pakistan’s first female Goodwill Ambassador for UN.

Muniba Mazari was nominated in the 100 most inspirational women in year 2015.


In the upcoming year, she was listed in ( Forbes 30 under 30). She addresses social issues such as – women empowerment, children rights and gender equality.

Furthermore, one day I was scrolling over YouTube videos. I suddenly noticed ted talk of Muniba Mazari (famous person).

I eagerly clicked on the video and started listening her speech.

Additionally, I felt so inspired by her story along with that I got impressed by her public – speaking skills.

Her every single word beautifully expressed her emotions behind them.

Later on, I searched more facts about Muniba Mazari (famous person).

Talking about her life before she became popular. There occurred an terrible incident that later on changed everything in her life.

Muniba Mazari was married in the age of 18 as she belonged to an orthodox family. Moreover, after her marriage she met an dreadful car accident due to which her body got badly injured.

In that accident, most of her bones got fractured and she undergone several surgeries.

Muniba Mazari stayed at hospital for such a long time. Later on, she was told she would not be able to walk.

This inspirational lady, did not give up on life even after what she had faced. Furthermore, she painted her very first painting in the hospital during her tough times.

In addition to this, Muniba Mazari (famous person) headed towards her journey to overcome all her fears.

She started painting and did art exhibitions.

Then, she was unstoppable, began modeling campaigns and Tv anchoring. Further, she stepped towards success leaving all the barriers behind.

I adore Muniba Mazari (famous person) as I got to learn a lot from her.

In addition, She always encourage me. I realised the fact, ’embrace what you have got rather than complaining about what you don’t have’.

She made me understood that a change in one’s perception can lead to acquire a lot from life.

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