Describe a part of city or town you enjoy spending time in. CUE CARD

IELTS SPEAKING CUE CARD: Describe a part of city or town you enjoy spending time in.


  • Describe a part of city or town
  • Where it is?
  • What it is like?
  • What do you do there?
  • Explain why you enjoy spending time there?


Sample answer on the cue card, describe a part of city or town you enjoy spending time in:


  • Introducing the topic:

I have visited to many places and enjoyed the food, weather and activities over there. However, everybody has their own choice, when asked about their preferrable place.

I would describe a part of city or town I enjoy spending time in.


  • Where it is?

    ( Where that part of city or town)

I love to spend time at natural places where I get to feel the freshness of nature and weather. I reside in Dehradun and the entire city is very beautiful and green. Moreover, there are several picnic spots in Dehradun. Interestingly, there is picnic spot near a lake and it is the part of city, I enjoy spending time in.


  • What it is like?

The place looks breath-taking due to its natural beauty. It is surrounded with the mountains and trees. Also, lake is the main attraction at the spot. There is colourful bench placed at some distance from the lake. Additionally, there are several food stalls where people enjoy eating food items such as, Momos, Maggi and Masala Tea.

Apart from this, people do adventurous sports activities such as para gliding and bungee jumping. There is team of trainers available at the place, those train people regarding the activity as well as ensure their safety. Moreover, there are boats available at the lake. People enjoy boating and taking the complete tour of the lake.

People come along with their friends and family. The view of the place is so good and people click photographs and make videos. Moreover, this is a part of city where people visit for not only enjoyment but for gaining relaxation too.


  • What do you do there?

I visit there, when I am going through worrisome situation or upset about something. At that time, I require some peace and a natural place is best to forget everything and just admire the beauty of nature.  I have visited the place with my family and friends but I mostly, visit there alone. I love to sit on the bench and embrace the lake, mountains, trees and cold weather. Also, it feels so good and peaceful. I sit there for more than one hour.

Furthermore, I buy a cup of tea from the tea stall available over there. Then, I just enjoy every sip of tea and forget all my problems. Most of the times, I listen my favourite music. However, if there is silence at the place, I prefer reading a novel. Also, I love photography so I capture pictures of birds and the scenery view. In my phone gallery, I have several pictures of that place.

On the other hand, I had visited the place with my family on weekends. We always had a picnic over there. Additionally, my mom used to prepare some delicious food so that we enjoy lunch together. We used to carry mat along with us and would sit together.  Also, everyone would play various games such as, Cards, Badminton and Puzzles.


Explain why you enjoy spending time there?

I enjoy spending time there because for me everything over there creates some magic. That’s why, I just forget all the worries and feel so light. I get away from crowd, stress, talks and all worldly things. Moreover, I love greenery and appreciate nature. Therefore, this is the reason, I prefer this place as a part of city I enjoy spending time in.


Follow up questions, describe a part of city or town you enjoy spending time in:


  • How do public places change in towns or cities?

In cities or towns, public places have a change, when they are damaged and are required to get repaired. At that time, authorities decide to bring a change in public places.

Moreover, public places like parks and railway station are changed to provide better facilities to citizens. Also, to make the places more attractive so that people visit there, a change is considered.


  • What public places do old people usually go?

According to my perspective, old people go to the places where they get some relaxation. They do not prefer to go places where there is lot of crowd and noise

For instance, they go to their parks of their residential area, in the morning and evening. They spend their time by having conversation with the people of their age group.


  • Why do young people like to go to public places?

As per my opinion, youngsters like to visit public places as they want to enjoy leisure activities, food and like exploring places with their friends. Also, they find following same routine very boring. They like to visit different places to make their day interesting.


  • Will more people move to cities in the future?

Yes, of course, in upcoming times, people will migrate to urban areas. In order to get facilities such as, employment opportunities, education, transportation, healthcare and electricity. Thus, to gain these facilities and live a comfortable life, people will move to cities in the future.


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