Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home Cue Card


Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home.

  • How you got it?
  • What you use it for?
  • How often you use it?
  • Explain why you think this thing is useful?

What to say, in all the points of the cue card topic:

How you got it?

  • This question asks, how you got the equipment. You have to tell that you purchased it or someone else bought it. If you purchased it, mention the place.

For example: 

  • You purchased it from an online site.

What you use it for?

  • State the uses of the equipment. Mention, for which purpose or work you use it.

How often you use it?

  • Here, you can tell that you use it daily or on weekly basis.
  • Explain why you think this thing is useful?

Explain why you think this thing is useful?

  • Talk about, benefits of the equipment.
  • Describe that how it has made work easy for you and it saves time.


How to form your own ideas for this cue card topic:

In everyone’s home, there are numerous electronic equipment used for many purpose. You can talk about any one equipment that is important in your home as well as know about it well.

There are household equipment such as microwave, electric chopper, juicer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, air conditioner, toaster, lamp, lights and blow dryer and washing machine.

Choose the equipment on which you can speak easily and have ideas regarding it.


Ideas regarding different equipment:

  • Air conditioner:

Air conditioner

This device is essential and use a lot in your house. Also, you use this device in your bedroom and living room. During hot sunny days, this device is very helpful and you do not feel exhausted due to heat. Also, you get a better sleep due to this equipment.

  • Toaster:

You use this equipment daily, to make your breakfast. Moreover, you use it to toast the bread slices. All the family members use this equipment as they love to eat the toasted bread with butter.

  • Vacuum cleaner:

For cleaning purpose, vacuum cleaner is used in your home. To clean dust from the carpets, furniture, table and floor this equipment is used every day.

  • Washing machine:

washing machine


This equipment is used each and everyday in your home. You have a fully automatic washing machine. It is very convenient appliance. After placing the clothes and adding detergent in to the machine. Furthermore, you just press the power button and start the washing machine. It shows a time limit on the screen. It is that simple by this equipment.


Sample answer for the cue card, describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home:

In our home we use several equipment for a comfortable living. Also, we are depending on these equipment to do our day-to-day tasks.

Today, I would like to describe a piece of equipment that is important in my home.

The appliance that is important in my home is the electric chopper used in the kitchen for cooking purpose.

Moreover, I got this gadget from an online site. Firstly, I  checked reviews of different electric chopper. Then, decided to buy the equipment of brand Glen. The name of the electric chopper is  ‘Glen Mini’.

It is white in colour and made of the material called as ABS plastic. Also, voltage of the equipment is of 250 watts.

In my home, me and my mom use electric chopper frequently. For cooking any kind of dish, chopping of vegetables, onion, ginger and garlic is the basic work. Also, chopping by hand consumes lot of time.

Me and my mom use this electric device daily, to cook the three times meal. In addition to this, it takes very less time to cook food as the electric chopper saves our time.

Additionally, Indian food involves chopping of several ingredients for cooking a delicious meal. We need the chopping according to the recipe. In some recipes, we require finely chopped vegetables and get them done easily by the chopper.

Apart from this, there are several sauces made by chopping the main ingredients in the chopper. The sauces such as coriander, chilly, tomato and mint are mostly made in my home.

Moreover, the electric chopper does the chopping in less time as compared with doing it manually. It is just a matter of pressing the button and it takes just two minutes.

(Explain why you think this thing is useful?)

This electronic appliance is very useful as it has made the kitchen work very easier and comfortable. There are lot of other tasks, which a person has to complete in an entire day.

Everything has to go according to a schedule. Thus, these type of electric equipment are very helpful to do the cooking, in less amount of time.


  • Using synonyms in your cue card, will be helpful in avoiding the repetition of same word.
  • Also, you can make your answer more interesting.

Instead of repeating equipment word, use:

  • Appliance
  • Device
  • Gadget

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