Describe a piece of local news. IELTS cue card 2021

Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in:

  • What it was about?
  • Where you saw/heard it?
  • Who was involved?
  • Explain why people were interested in it?

Sample answer:

It is very important to be aware of local news because it provide us information about our area. Moreover, you can know about local news through newspaper, television, radio and online sites.

Now, I would describe a local news that people are interested in.

I am fond of reading the newspaper on daily basis. Two days back, while I was reading newspaper, I read a news of my town. After, going through the article, I came to know about the construction plan of new parks in my city.

local news paper

Furthermore, It was stated that 5 new parks will be introduced. Also, the motive of this plan is to have lot of plants and trees in the area. In this way, people will get place to perform exercises and do jogging.

Also, new developments were decided which involved – herbal juice corner, healthy snacks and smoothies and fruits shop. Additionally, the construction of all the parks will be done keeping in mind about all the age groups. According to my perspective, it is a great plan to bring awareness among people.

I was very happy after reading the domestic news of my city. Moreover, I was glad to know that initiative is taken by the residents of my area. Everyone decided to come together and give their contribution in completing this plan.

People were interested in this domestic news because they know the importance of trees in the environment. In my city, there are problems like, traffic congestion and pollution. Additionally, there are many industries and very few trees.

However, there are small parks in every colony but they are not so large and do not have much trees. Due to this reason, people always wanted large parks with greenery.

Also, this will bring awareness among people to visit the park daily. Moreover, they will get motivated to exercise regularly.

Therefore, new parks will allow people to stay fit and healthy. This piece of local news has become an interesting discussion among people.

Follow up questions of describe a piece of local news:

Do people read newspaper where you live?

  • Yes, of course, people in my locality read newspaper every day. Especially, old people read the newspaper every morning while drinking tea. Moreover, they discuss the news with their friends.
  • However, youngsters do not prefer to read the newspaper regularly.


Do people prefer local or international news?

  • According to my view, people those like to read and listen news, prefer both domestic and worldwide news.
  • Moreover, people are interested to know the current affairs of not only their nation but also of foreign countries.


Do you think it’s important to have a national identity?

  • Yes, obviously national identity of a person is very crucial for many reasons.
  • The national identity is important because it helps to identify a person’s background. Furthermore, it is also very helpful in their native country for many government facilities.


How can people develop their national identity?

  • I think, people can build their national identity by serving their nation.
  • For example – Some players achieve gold medal for their nation. By doing this, they become pride of the nation.

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