Describe A Project That You Made In Your Tertiary Education-Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card Latest topic (Describe a project)

Describe a project that you made during your tertiary education.

  • What was the project?
  • when you worked on it?
  • How you prepared for it?
  • What you felt after completing it?

In the given cue card topic, you should speak about the project you made during your tertiary education.

Basically, you have to talk about the project work you done at your college days.

Answer the entire topic(Describe a project) and some ideas for you below:

  • What was the project?(Describe a project)

You should say, the topic of your project and explain it in short.

Here, you can talk about any project by choosing the topic of your choice. Moreover, you should know about that topic and should be able to explain it well.

During the schooling as well as tertiary education, projects or assignments are given on the weekly basis. You would have experienced submitting assignments and getting the topics by your professor.

However, you just need to describe your experience of making a project as you made at your college days.

There are several ideas for this(Describe a project) cue card topic:

Project topics:

  • Design a tour package.
  • Presentation on business management strategies.
  • Survey on opinions of people regarding cleanliness in your area.
  • Group Project on explaining role of GDP in an economy.
  • Model making
  • Poster – making

The education field you have studied, you can choose your topic according to that particular field. As there are different streams such as Commerce, medical, non- medical and arts. Also, expressing about your own experience will be beneficial and you will be able to speak with confidence.

  • When you worked on it?

State the time when you worked on the project and prepared it.

  • There are various ways to answer this, you can speak that you worked during break time in your college canteen as wanted to complete it soon as possible.
  • Collected all the details and prepared at home and utilised the maximum time during weekend.
  • Sacrified my sleep for this project as worked late at the night.
  • How you prepared for it?

Describe what you had to do to finish the project. Moreover, the things you required and did for the project.

  • Surfed on the internet and collected the important details.
  • Asked for the help from my elder brother.
  • Followed the instructions given by my professor.
  • How you felt after completing it?

Express your emotions after the completion of your project. You can state your happiness and satisfaction after the project.

Sample answer of the cue card:

College days are always remembered, those days were filled with joy. Moreover, projects are an important part of the tertiary education. In all subject scholars get assignments on weekly basis and work hard to obtain the internal assessment scores.

I would like to talk about the project I made during my tertiary education.

Furthermore, I was pursuing bachelor’s in tourism. I got the project on the topic ‘tour package’ in which I was required to make a tour package of any national destination.

Additionally, I started working on this project the same day when I got it. Also, I got the deadline of just one week. After, my classes I worked on this project at college library as was the most peaceful place to sit and work. Moreover, I used to research and collect ideas at my home and would go late to the bed.

Regarding my preparation of the project, I had to do lot of research. In addition, the destination I chose was ‘Goa’. The tour package I was preparing was of six days and five nights. I prepared the tour inclusion which comprised six days itinerary, where I covered all the tourist attraction places. Moreover, I planned about the cost of the package according to the amenities. I decided accommodation, meals, transportation, sight-seeing and entertainment. I studied online about all the destinations and the hotels over there. I checked the facilities of all the hotels and their price rate accordingly.

In addition to this, I grabbed information knowledge about the street food and the entertainment performances at the beach. Moreover, I checked on the adventurous activities and their charges.

Therefore, it required lot of work but I managed to finish my project before the deadline.

I got a relieve after completing the project as it was time – consuming. However, I was dedicated towards my work still it was not an easy task. Apart from this, I felt extremely happy as I got to learn new things by this project. I gained lot of knowledge about Goa. Later on, when I came to know about the scores it was amazing to get such good scores and my professor appreciated me a lot.

Follow up questions-(cue card Describe a project):

  • According to you, are assignments necessary for students?

Yes of course, assignments should be included in the curriculum as they enhance practical skills of an individual. Moreover, they explore about new things and gain lot of knowledge through the projects.

Also, they showcase their creativity skills in their assignments. They develop understanding of the concepts.

  • Do projects make the entire course more interesting for scholars?

According to my perspective, gaining theoretical knowledge and writing notes on daily basis, make the study environment boring. Apart from this, assignments increase the curiosity in students to learn more. Students grab more by this way as they do self-efforts to accomplish the scores in projects.

  • What do you think, projects increase the workload for the students?

As per my opinion, students undergo with the pressure of submitting their assignments before deadline. However, they learn to do work with dedication and explore new things. They have to do hard work but by this they gain a lot which helps them in future.





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