Describe a puzzle you have played IELTS CUE CARD 2021

Describe a puzzle you have played. (Describe a puzzle you have played IELTS CUE CARD 2021)

      • What it is like?
      • How easy or difficult it is?
      • How long it takes you to solve it?
      • And how you feel about it?

Sample answer on the cue card, describe a puzzle you have played:


Solving puzzle is a great thing to freshen up the mind and boost the mental health. Moreover, people of every age group play the puzzles according to their choice. Today, I would describe a puzzle I have played.

What it is like? (Describe a puzzle you have played)


I have played various puzzle games since my childhood. I’m fond of puzzles like, Rubik’s cube, sudoku, maze, crossword and jigsaw. I have played all these puzzles but the Rubik’s cube was a difficult task. I would share my experience of solving this puzzle.

Basically, this puzzle involves the colourful cubes. The Rubik’s cube puzzle, which I had solved consisted 6 different colours which are red, blue, yellow, green, white and orange. Moreover, there are total 27 small cubes in this puzzle. To solve it, these cubes are rotated, to get similar colour cubes at each side.

describe a puzzle you have played ielts

How easy or difficult it is?

It is very tough and tricky puzzle. For solving it, knowledge of several calculations and tricks is required. Also, lot of practice is needed to crack this puzzle.

How long it takes you to solve it?


I tried a lot to solve this puzzle but i was unable to do so. It took me three months and still I was struggling with it. Then, I decided to know the actual tricks to solve the Rubik’s cube as I was practicing it without knowing them.

In addition, I watched some tutorial videos on YouTube. From there, I learned the steps to clear this puzzle game. However, I required enough practice to reach to the end of this puzzle. Finally, my hard work paid off as I solved the Rubik’s cube.

Now, it takes me around thirty minutes to solve this puzzle but experts do it in seconds.


how you feel about it?


I was relieved that finally I solved the Rubik’s cube. Also, I was very excited to tell my friends about it. I was feeling positive and motivated after completing my goal on which I was working for so long.

Additionally, I was extremely happy about the fact that I did not give up so easily and kept trying to clear the puzzle. Therefore, at last, I was able to do so.

Apart from this, the Rubik’s cube puzzle is very beneficial for a person’s mental well-being. In schools, children are taught to play this puzzle game. Moreover, solving the Rubik’s cube taught me to stay patience and focused.

Follow up questions for the cue card, describe a puzzle you have played IELTS CUE CARD 2021:


Why do parents let their children play puzzles?


According to my view, parents permit their kids to play puzzle games due to the numerous benefits of them. Solving puzzles leads to improve the mental health. It builds the skills like, problem solving, analysing, multi-tasking and concentration. Also, puzzles increase the patience level in children.

In addition, every parent wants their children to develop these skills and stay attentive. As solving puzzles make children active as well as focused, they perform good in their academics. Consequently, for positive reasons parents let their children play puzzles.


What kind of puzzles improve people’s intelligence?


There are various puzzles that improve the intelligence of people. The puzzles such as, crossword, jigsaw, riddles, Rubik’s cube and chess. These puzzles are good for brain exercise and improve the IQ score as well.

While solving these puzzle games an individual stay very focused and think wisely. These puzzles demand lot of observation, calculations and logical thinking.

Furthermore, all these puzzles are hard to crack and require concentration for so long. This results in improving the intelligence of a person.


Why are detective stories attractive to people?


As per my opinion, people find detective stories appealing because they are filled with suspense. This builds curiosity among people and they want to know the truth.

The way truth unfolds and the entire mystery solves in the end makes it exciting for viewers. Also, the characters of detective stories are very different from the other ones.


Which do you think is better? A detective movie or its original novel?


I think an original novel is much better to read than viewing a movie based on it. Reading a novel and getting to know everything in detail is way more interesting. As reading a novel involves concentration on every single line which makes a person understand easily. Moreover, a person will know the real facts in the novel. In contrast, in a movie there might be some changes made.

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