Describe a skill that you can teach other people. IELTS Cue Card

Describe a skill that you can teach other people.

  • What is it?
  • How you learnt it?
  • How can you teach others this skill?
  • How do you feel about this skill?

In the given ielts cue card topic, you should talk about a skill that you can teach to others. You should answer all the points and express your ideas well.

You can describe any skill about which you have knowledge and ideas. There are several skills so choose any of them.

Explanation of all the points of the ielts speaking part two:

What is it?

You should talk about a specific skill, which you will describe later on.

There are several skills such as – cooking, designing, communication and painting.

I have two ideas for you:

First idea:

You can talk about cooking skill. For this skill you can have number of ideas and it is easy to explain. Moreover, everyone is familiar to this skill and can talk without any hesitation.

Second idea:

You can elaborate painting skill. If you are fond of painting, it should not be a difficult task to explain it. Also, there are many ideas regarding this skill which I have presented in sample answer. You can go through it.

How you learnt it?

You should mention that how you gained knowledge of the skill you are talking about. You can specify it by number of ways.

There are several ideas:

  • You can say that you have done a course, diploma or bachelor’s in painting/cooking.
  • You can also speak that you have learnt it from someone and explain it a little.

How can you teach others this skill?

Here, you should speak about the ways by which you can instruct other person regarding the skill.

  • You can train by providing coaching classes.
  • Another idea, you can instruct others by a YouTube channel.

How do you feel about this skill?

Here, you should express your views on what you feel about knowing the skill you have stated. Additionally, you can say what is the value of that skill for you. The benefits you have due to the skill and what it adds in your personality.

IELTS speaking cue card 2021

Sample answer one:

People have their own interests and skills. Every individual has different skills such as – art, dancing, communication, cooking, swimming and designing.

Talking about my skills, I have developed several skills over the time. Moreover, cooking is the skill which I can teach others.

My mom taught me the art of cooking and she was my inspiration as well. Additionally, during my childhood days, I used to assist my mom in the kitchen. While, she would cook delicious meals for the family. However, I never had enough time to gain expertise in this skill as I used to focus on my studies. After my secondary education, my result was awaited and I utilized my leisure time to learn cooking from my mom. Also, I acquired thorough knowledge about distinct cuisines, history and techniques of cooking.

I believe cooking is a survival skill and should be known by each and every individual. To survive in any situation, one should know how to cook meals for themselves.

Moreover, I feel blessed that I can cook those mouth – watering dishes that can bring a smile on face of my loved ones.

Sample answer two:

There are numerous skills which I have developed over the time. If I talk about the skill which I can teach to other people, I would consider my painting skills.

Furthermore, during my schooling, I was keen interested in drawing and painting.

I used to make sketches, paintings and drawings. Also, painting was my hobby and I devoted my leisure time to practice it. During my primary education, the only thing that would give me joy and pleasure was art. Thus, I gained knowledge as well as improved my art skills by doing lot of practice during my teenage days.

After my secondary education, I wanted to turn my passion in a career. Furthermore, I perused a bachelor course in painting to polish my skills.

I never gave a thought about providing painting skills to people. If I got such opportunity, I would instruct others by painting classes involving my lessons. Also, I would provide thorough knowledge about techniques along with that share my experiences.

Painting makes me feel close to nature. However, it is a gifted skill but hard work is required to acquire proper understanding. Moreover, for me it is a way to eliminate all the worries.

Follow up questions(ielts speaking part 3):

Why should we develop new skills?

I think, learning new skills enhance the overall personality of an individual. Also, skills prove to be very beneficial in a person’s entire life.

Having several skills lead to a successful professional life as it develops adaptability.

Therefore, skills are required for survival in the competitive world.

Which age group is best for learning?

I believe, an individual can acquire knowledge at any age group. Additionally, age is just a number, it does not act as a full stop on a person’s dream. The sole thing required is dedication towards your goal.

Thus, learning at any age group is possible.

What is more important, practical skills or academic skills?

As per my opinion, both the skills are equally essential. Theoretical skills provide thorough knowledge of the concepts and certification to an individual. In contrast, practical skills enable the understanding of applying those learnings in life.

Which skill is most important in today’s world?

Presently, communication is the significant skill which is must require in this modern world. In addition, a good communication skill is considered the most in every sector. For any kind of conversation whether formal or informal, this skill is necessary. The skill is required to convey information as well as understand.

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