ielts cue card 2022:

Describe a special cake you enjoyed.

    • When it was?
    • Where it was?
    • Describe the cake?
    • Why you liked it?

Sample answer for the cue card, describe a special cake you enjoyed:

Cakes are the most lovable desserts by people of all age groups. Moreover, the cake-cutting ceremony is important part of every celebration such as, birthday, weddings, baby shower, success party, anniversary, reception, engagement, inauguration, new year and other festivals.

Furthermore, I have attended various functions where I enjoyed the cake. However, I still remember about a special cake that I enjoyed.

Here, I would like to describe a special cake I enjoyed.

When it was?

Recently, I planned a grand celebration on my parents 25th marriage anniversary which was in the month of November. I wanted to surprise my parents by managing all the arrangements efficiently. I ordered the cake by mentioning some special instructions.

Where it was?

The celebration was organized at my house, my family invited all the near and dear ones at our residence. Everyone was very excited for enjoying the occasion together.


Describe the cake?

A special cake I enjoyed was a mixed-fruit cake which was very colorful. The appearance of cake was very attractive as it was beautifully decorated with red roses at the top, made of strawberry. In canter of the cake, my parents’ names were written surrounded with the roses.

 Additionally, at the sides, there were different fruits placed and a layer of mirror glaze. The cake looked delicious and specially the children were eagerly waiting for the cake- cutting.

Why you liked it?

I admired the cake as it visually seemed appealing. Moreover, when I ate the cake, it was very soft from inside and I got tiny pieces of fruits in every bite. Every layer of the cake, was filled with pieces of fresh fruits which made it tastier.

Although my stomach was full by eating lot of food items but I was not able to stop myself from eating the cake. Also, all the guests, loved the cake and asked about the details of the bakery. For me, the cake turned out to be a special cake I enjoyed.

IELTS Speaking part 3- follow-up questions: We will be publishing soon… Describe a special cake you enjoyed.

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