Describe a story someone told you and you remember. cue card 2022

Describe a story someone told you and you remember.

      • What the story was about?
      • Who told you this story?
      • Why you remember it?
      • How you feel about it?

Sample answer: cue card: describe a story someone told you and you remember


“Start with some introduction to the topic:”

Everyone enjoying listening stories during their childhood days. Specially, the bed-time stories told by the grandparents. Moreover, those stories are very special as well as unforgettable.

On the other hand, we get to hear several stories in our day-to-day life. There are stories which come from real experiences and are shared by our friends. From which interesting ones are always remembered.

Today, I would describe a story someone told me and I remember.

  • What the story was about?

The story is very common and almost every child has listened it in their childhood. The name of the story is ‘The Thirsty Crow’. In this story, a crow was in the search of water on a sunny day. What happens that crow was searching water from very long time but was unable to get it. After that, crow flew in to nearby jungle and finally see a pot over there.

Then, there is a twist when crow tries to drink water as neck of the pot was not so wide. It was very small for the crow to even enter the beak in to it.

In addition, the crow tried to solve the problem rather than quitting. The Crow collected some stones with the beak and threw them in to the pot. Finally, water level rose on the top and thirsty crow drank it. Also, story had a moral that one should always try and never give up.

  • Who told you this story?

The story was told by my grandmother. Every day, she used to tell me different stories but thirsty crow story was my favourite. Most of the times, I would request her to repeat this story.

  • Why you remember it?

I remember this story because I have many childhood memories related to it. This story makes me remind, those days when I used   to sleep over lap of my grandmother and listen this story every night to fall asleep.

There were times, when I would refuse to finish my meal. At that time, my granny would ask me to finish the food quickly to listen the story later on.

Interestingly, I would enjoy the story with lot of interest even after listening it for so many times. Every day, I used to be excited for the story time.

  • How you feel about it?

This is the only story, which I have listened a lot and it is mine favourite one. Whenever, I think about it, I remember all the moments spent with my grandmother and it even makes me emotional.

Those days, were really amazing, everything was so beautiful in my childhood stage.


Therefore, this was a story someone told me and I remember. Moreover, this story is very special to me and will always be.


Follow up questions (ielts speaking part 3)


Q1: Has storytelling changed over a period of time?

Ans: According to my view, there has been huge change in storytelling. Earlier the stories were related to characters like, prince and princess, animals and angels. Moreover, children used to be very curious to listen the stories from their grandparents. Even if the characters used to be same in the stories.

However, from the past few years, kids ask for the stories including the characters with the superpowers. They enjoy the stories of their favourite superwomen or superman, such as spiderman and wonder woman.

Q2: Which way is better, traditional storytelling or the use of technology in storytelling?

Ans: As per my opinion, traditional storytelling is more effective way as it develops the interest of the listener to know the complete story. In traditional method, listener gets eager to know about what is coming next.

On the other hand, storytelling with the use of technology makes it very easy for the viewer to understand the upcoming plot.

Q3: Do you think that generally most of the people are good at storytelling?

Ans: There are many individuals those portray the story very beautifully. They introduce all the characters of the story with a great interest which can be easily imagined by the listeners. People have chosen storytelling as a career and entertain millions of people through this art.

Additionally, in our friends or relatives we often have some good storyteller those share their life experiences and we enjoy their stories.

Q4: What makes storytelling effective?

Ans:  I think, storytelling can be made effective by developing a connection with audience. It is important that audience understand the concept behind the story. Also, when storytelling done by adding the emotions and describing all the characters equally. Then, everything all together makes the story impressive.

Furthermore, it is important to address the right kind of audience according to the concept that story presents. Therefore, these are some important things to consider for an effective storytelling.

Q5: Is it important to tell stories?

Ans: Yes, of course it is essential to tell stories because stories are the easiest way to share the knowledge among people. There are many real experience stories shared by people. Moreover, these experience-based stories teach individuals about life- changing concepts. For instance – People get to know several stories from their friends and relatives. Some of them, teach some good life lessons which are very helpful.

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