Describe a street market in your city- IELTS cue card 2021

Describe a street market in your city.

  • Where is it?
  • What can you buy there?
  • What is it famous for?
  • How you feel about it?

Sample answer on the cue card topic, describe your street market in your city cue card:

In every city, there is a street market where people can buy goods at a reasonable price. Also, people enjoy shopping along with the street food.

Today, I would describe a street market in my city.

street market

Well, I am resident of Jalandhar city and there is a famous street market in the center of my city. The name of the street market is Jyoti Chowk.

There are different kind of items available at street market of my city. It includes – Clothing, home décor, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, traditional outfits, ceramics, utensils and bags. Moreover, there are many Indian food options available for people.

For wedding and festival shopping, people prefer this market as everything is available in cheap price rate. Also, people get all the essential items and they do not need to go somewhere else. Even, if you need to buy an alarm clock for your house, you can get it at Jyoti chowk and it will be pocket friendly.

Therefore, it is a place where you can enjoy your entire day.

Furthermore, a street market in my city is famous for the variety it provides to the residents and they do not find it heavy on their budget. You can get variety in any item, for instance, in jewellery you can get Kundan, Silver, Stone, Pearl, Handmade, Bridal, Bead and Oxidized Sets.

Similarly, in clothing you can purchase traditional as well as western outfits. Moreover, there is a great collection of fabrics, to make outfit of your choice.

Apart from this, people cannot stop themselves from tasting the Indian snacks and chat. Indian people love these snacks and crave for them.

I visited the street market of my city, with my mother for the very first time. At that time, I was in my teenage years and was excited to see the market. Moreover, the purpose of my visit was to buy clothes and other accessories, for my cousin’s wedding. We got all the required things from the market. After finishing with the shopping, I and my mom was hungry so we ate some snacks, I just loved them.

According to me, it is the perfect place for shopping and enjoying some delicious food. On Sunday, there are many deals available on every items. People can purchase them on an affordable price from this street market in my city.

Follow up questions:


  • Do you like shopping online or go out for shopping?

I like going out for shopping as compared to online shopping. The reason is that by stepping out from home and shopping at several shops, gives me happiness.

However, by shopping online I miss that opportunity. Also, it consumes time for deciding what to choose as I do not get to see the material. I cannot check it and this makes me feel worried about my order.


  • What is the difference between shopping with friends and shopping alone.

As per my opinion, when you go for shopping with your friends, it becomes easier to decide what to choose. As friends can give suggestions regarding colour and style. In contrast, shopping alone consumes more time as you get confused between many choices.


  • What are the disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?

The first disadvantage of purchasing from big malls is that they include their service taxes in the shopping bill.

Therefore, people get those products in high prices as compared to local stores.

Another disadvantage is the fixed price on the products. Moreover, people do not have any option to decrease the price by doing bargaining.


  • Why do people like to buy branded products?

People like to purchase branded products because they trust on material of the particular brand. They want to buy products that last for a long duration.

Hence, they cannot compromise with the quality of a product. This is the reason they prefer branded products.


  • In your opinion, are big discounts real or just an advertisement?

I think, big discounts are real. However, there are such companies who just   use a big discount advertisement as a clickbait.

Usually, companies give big discounts on occasions such as Independence Day, Christmas, New Year, Diwali and many more.

I also purchased many things on big discounts available at reputed sites and from the street market in my city.

Hence, big discounts on products are real for me.

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