Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about sample answers

Read the below given sample answers for ideas on this cue card topic (Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about). Also, read the follow up questions.

Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about.

  • Explain why you bought it?
  • Why you selected this product?
  • From where you purchased it?
  • Why you are so happy about it?

Sample answer one for the cue card, describe a thing you bought and you are happy about:

I am a shopaholic person and enjoy purchasing new items. Moreover, I mostly add my favourites in my Wishlist.

Here, I would like to elaborate about a thing I bought and I’m happy about that.

I love to buy jewellery items, especially rings and earrings. I wanted to buy a pair of earrings, from a long time. The design I was looking for was not available at nearby jewellery stores. Also, I asked them to customize it for me. However, I did not get that design on any jewellery shop.

earnings a thing i bought and i am happy

Furthermore, I searched for the product online. Finally, I found the pair of earrings at an online shopping site. I ordered the product and the estimated delivery was after a week. Moreover, I wanted some nice piece of earrings which I can wear on daily – basis.  This particular set of ear tops were perfect for my everyday look. This was the reason I was eager to buy them.

Additionally, I selected the butterfly design. The ear tops were made of silver with sparkling pearls on it. I found them very different and stylish. Thus, I selected the earrings due to its unique design.

In addition to this, I did not regret my decision of purchasing the product online. As I received the product after a period of week. Also, when I unwrapped it, I could not take my eyes off. I was extremely happy at that time, I wear the ear tops every day and it looks perfect with every outfit. I felt happy and satisfied about the pair of ear tops.

Moreover, I got several compliments for the product and love it a lot. It is one of my best purchase. Thus, this is a thing I bought and am happy about.

Sample answer two for the cue card, describe a thing you bought and you are happy about:

I love to buy the electronic gadgets. They are very useful and ease our work.

Now, I would like to describe a thing I bought and I’m happy about it.

I recently, purchased a smart watch of apple brand. It is an expensive product but very useful. I am a fitness freak person and required a gadget that assess my pulse rate, heartbeat, blood pressure, sugar level, fever, stress level and the number of calories I burn on daily basis. Also, the device that counts my daily steps.

Smart Watch

Moreover, I wanted the smart watch of a good brand. This is the reason I chose the brand apple. As it is a reputed brand which is known for i phone series and other gadgets. I have used the gadgets of this brand and they always satisfied me. Also, I received the warranty of two years, which was must require.

I went to the nearby apple store of my city. There I asked for the smart watch and viewed all the features of the watch. After, looking all the specifications, I decided to purchase it.

Then, I shown the smart watch to my mother and elaborated the use of it. Furthermore, I wore it on my wrist and evaluated everything. I enjoyed using the gadget and was very happy. Furthermore, I everyday use this gadget and come to know about important details of my body. I find it very easy to know about the calories I burn and this gives me joy. Moreover, I easily come to know about how much I walk daily.

I am totally satisfied with my purchase as it has made my life easy.

Follow up questions for the cue card, describe a thing you bought and you are happy about:

  • Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Yes, of course, I told my family about the thing I bought. Also, I told my friends and all were happy to know.

  • In your country, on what kind of products people invest their income?

In my nation, public invest on several products such as clothing, footwear, cosmetics and electronic gadgets.

  • Do you think adults and youngsters shopping list has a huge difference?

As per my opinion, adults purchase the products that are useful and durable. They focus on what is necessary.

However, youngsters purchase according to the recent trend. They mainly focus on latest outfit collection, footwear and latest gadgets.

Some more ideas for the cue card topic, describe a thing you bought and you are happy about:

You can talk about numerous products and cover all the points asked in the topic.

  1. Purchased the latest mobile phone and you are stunned by it’s advanced features.
  2. Bought an outfit to wear on the special occasion. You got many compliments when you wore the attire.
  3. Apple company launched a smart watch recently and you place your order online. When you received the product, you were elated and shared about it with all your friends.
  4. State that you purchased a back pack. You got it from the reebok store of your area. It is very useful for carrying gym outfits and shoes. Also, you use it to carry your important things when travelling.
  5. Present your idea on, you bought a jewellery item and loved it. Also, you can wear it with any outfit.

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