Describe a time when you got first electronic gadget-ielts cue card

Describe a time when you got first electronic gadget. cue card 2021

  • What was the first electronic gadget or electronic device?
  • when you got it?
  • what were the features of first electronic gadget?
  • How it was helpful for you?
  • How you felt after receiving it?

The cue card topic, mentioned above is asking you to elaborate your first electronic device.

Ideas for the cue card:

What was the gadget?

  • State your first electronic gadget and its model.
  • You can describe mobile phone and its specifications.
  • Talk about a video game which you got on your birthday.
  • Present an idea on a laptop, which you received after your senior secondary education.
  • The electronic gadget named iPod which you used to listen latest songs.

There are several ideas which can be used for this cue card topic.

  • Describe when you got it?

Here, you should talk about the time when you got this gadget.

For example: Got the first electronic gadget during high school education.

  • What were the features?

Include the specifications of the gadget, the size, colour and the use of the gadget.

  • How it was helpful for you?

Elaborate about the benefits you gained by using this gadget.

  • Describe How you felt after receiving it?

Express your thoughts and feelings regarding the gadget.

For example – I felt amazed when received my first laptop.

Sample answer one for this cue card:

The experience of first electronic device is always remembered.

Here, I would like to talk about my first electronic device.

In 2010, when I was pursuing my high school education, my father brought a laptop for me. It was my first electronic gadget and was required to ease my studies.

Moreover, my laptop was of brand Dell and the model – Dell Inspiron 3501. Let me elaborate the specifications, size of the laptop was 14 inch and was light weighted just 1200 gm. Regarding the look of the gadget, it was silver in colour and very slim.

Additionally, the hardware included Full hd screen, latest processor by intel and storage of 500 gb. Thus, all the specifications were good and got at a reasonable price. It costed 25,000 INR and involved the warranty of two years.

Furthermore, the laptop was given me for the purpose of studies. It was very helpful as I used to make my notes of every subject and would create separate folders. Also, I would complete all the school projects on the laptop. I used to surf on internet and acquire knowledge about the topics related to my studies. This way I learnt about new things by the use of laptop.

In addition, I installed games in the device which I used to play during my leisure time. I found playing games on laptop very interesting. My friends used to come my home at weekend and we all enjoyed playing games on the computerized device. My friends would get so excited to play the games.

Also, we used to do group studies with the use of laptop. Most of the school projects involved the use of laptop to do research on certain topics. Apart from this, on Saturday night, I would watch movie with my siblings on the laptop. Furthermore, I used laptop to store my pictures and videos.

Therefore, my first electronic device was beneficial for me.

I still remember that moment, dad wanted to surprise me so they quietly placed it on my study table when I was sleeping. Next morning, when I got up my eyes went on the laptop. I was surprised and cheerful at the same time. I felt extremely happy by my first gadget. Furthermore, I was excited to use it and share about the laptop with my friends.

Sample answer two for this cue card(first electronic gadget):

Gadgets are very useful in today’s modern world. However, first gadget is very special for everyone.

I would elaborate about my first gadget which was a video game.

Moreover, on my 10th birthday my father gifted me the video game. I was a kid at that time, so I don’t remember everything clearly but my mom once told me about that specific time. Hence, I can describe about my first electronic device accordingly.

The video game I got was named as ‘ Xbox’ and the brand was Microsoft. It was black in colour. It was the set with different parts which I had to attach with the television. Additionally, the video game set comprised the 4 remotes. I used to play different games with my siblings by attaching the remotes to the t.v. and inserting the CD of the game. Later on, I had huge collection of DVDS which involved distinct games such as – spider man, God of war and jelly game. My favourite game was God of war and I loved to play this game. Each game constituted different levels which a person has to cross for moving to the other one.

In addition to this, when I crossed a level and reached to the next level. At that moment, I used to be extremely happy. Furthermore, friends from my neighbourhood would come to my home and we all used to play video game and enjoy snacks made by my mom. Those days, the complete environment of my house became positive. As who would not love the laughter of the children.

At that age, there was not much burden of studies. I was in fourth class and would come home at 1 ‘o clock. Later on, I used to have lot of spare time which I utilized in my homework and rest of the time in playing the video game. The game was helpful for me as provided me the relaxation as well as happiness. I would enjoy my leisure time due to the video game. Moreover, my mom told me that I made many friends as everyone was fond of the video game.

I felt delighted when I unwrapped my birthday gift and seen a video game inside. Additionally, it made my birthday special for me. However, I used that game for the long time in my childhood days. Therefore, those were the most beautiful days of my life without any stress.





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