Describe a time when you helped a needy person. Cue Card

IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a time when you helped a needy person.


Who was the person?

How you helped?

How you felt after it?

Was the person happy after receiving the help?


Sample answer one on the cue card, describe a time when you helped a needy person:

Helping someone in the need, gives me happiness. I feel satisfied by the thought that my help brought smile on someone’s face. Moreover, I always try to help the needy ones.

I would describe a time when I helped a needy person.

you helped a needy person

On Sunday, I went out with my friends. We all planned to watch a movie together. Also, we had the plan of pizza party at the evening. We went for the movie in the afternoon. After coming out from the cinema hall, I and my friends were feeling hungry. Moreover, we went to the pizza restaurant as we had already decided the pizza party.

Furthermore, we ordered pizza, pasta and garlic bread. Also, everyone ordered the beverages according to their choice. Everything was delicious and we eat a lot. Afterwards, one regular size pizza box was not even opened. All of us ate a lot and nobody wanted to eat more. I took that pizza box with me as I did not want to waste the food. I and my friends were coming out of the restaurant. Suddenly, a beggar came infront of me with her child, she asked for money. She told her son is hungry and without thinking even for a second, I immediately gave the pizza box to that boy.

Feeding someone food will always make you happy. Similarly, I was extremely happy when I gave food to the little boy. He was having a huge smile on face. He thanked me in a very sweet way and I found him so cute.

I felt so good and helping the boy made my day. I have never seen someone so much happy for a pizza. The pizza is a food that beggars usually do not get to eat it. This was the reason that he became happy after receiving my help. Therefore, this was the time when I helped a needy person.


Follow up questions: ( A time when you helped a needy person )


Qus 1: Do you think helping to others is a good manner?

Yes of course, helping others is a good moral value. Doing something for someone who is in need, is a selfless act and shows the kindness.

Moreover, helping someone when they really need the help, to come forward not only solve the other person problem but also reduce mental stress.


Qus 2: Do you prefer helping a stranger?

I always prefer to help another person; it does not matter the person is someone I know or a stranger.

Additionally, it depends on what kind of help other person require. I have helped the strangers several times. Mostly I have provided the help regarding food and money.    Helping someone gives me pleasure and joy.


Qus 3: Do you like to ask for help from others?

I do not like to ask for help from another person. As I am an introvert person and do not share my problems with anyone. I try to solve my problems by my own.

However, If there is something when I really need a help. I ask for it from my family and friends.

Qus 4: Is food considered the basic help in your country?

Food is the basic need of every human being. In my culture, it is believed that serving food to others is the best help as compared to other charity work. As it is believed that food is the first preferable thing which is required for survival.

In addition to this, my nation is developing country where many people suffer from the scarcity of food. To afford the three times meal of a day, is a huge thing for people those are below the poverty line. Thus, this is the reason that food is considered the basic help in my nation.

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