Describe a time when you saw children behave badly in public.

IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a time when you saw children behave badly in public.

  • where it was?
  • what the children were doing?
  • How others reacted to it?
  • Explain how you felt about it?


Sample answer on the cue card, describe a time when you saw children behave badly in public:

I always adore children and enjoy seeing them playing. Moreover, I find kids cute and love to spend time with them.

Today, I would like to describe a time when I saw children behave badly in public.

It never happened before, that I got to see children behaving badly in public. However, one day I was shocked to see children behaving badly. Every day in the evening, I go for a walk in my residential area. While, I was going through a street. Suddenly, a cracker was thrown near me and I got afraid.

At that time, the festival of Diwali was after three days. Children were bursting crackers in advance. Furthermore, I told them not to burst the crackers as they may hurt them as well as others. Also, I told them that you even get to know in your schooling that crackers lead to several problems such as, air and noise pollution. However, they did not stop and were troubling the people around. Moreover, I felt worried for the stray dogs those were scared due to voice of crackers.

In addition to this, there were some elders around us and said that they had already told children to stop behaving badly. They still continued to the same. Then, there came mother of a child and noticed the entire situation. She scolded her child and told to apologize. Also, we all made children understand that crackers are really harmful and they should celebrate the festival in a eco – friendly way. Children promised to not repeat the same again.

Additionally, I felt bad about the way children behaved in the public. It was a serious issue as this could hurt them. I could not stop myself thinking about that situation.

Follow up questions of the cue card, describe a time when you saw children behave badly in public:

  • What bad behaviour do children usually have?

Children usually behave badly, when they fight for toys with their siblings. Also, when children go out and they see any item at shopping complex. They shout to get that particular thing.

  • Are parents these days stricter than in the past?

According to my view, parents in the present time are not much strict as compared to the past. They make their children understand in a very calm way.

Also, they do not impose any strict rules and restrictions on the kids. Whereas, in the past, parents made sure that their children follow the discipline and were very strict regarding the rules.

  • Whose influence on children is more? Parents or their friends?

I think, friend circle has a great influence in the childhood stage. Presently, people work for long hours and have a busy schedule. Due to which they are unable to spend the time with their children.

Thus, children enjoy the company of their friends.

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