Describe a time when you shared something with other.

Describe a time when you shared something with other (or another person).

  • What you shared?
  • Who you shared with?
  • Why you shared it?
  • And explain how you felt about sharing it?

Note – Focus on grammar (use correct form of tense), fluency, use of connectors and vocabulary to achieve your desired score in your IELTS speaking test.

You should maintain an eye contact with the examiner while, your speaking test. Moreover, confidence is the most important thing. Speak confidently, without a hesitation.

Also, it is important that you answer the cue card topic completely.

Read the ideas given below, you can use them to answer the cue card topic:

You are required to talk about a time when you shared something with other.

There are several things about which you can mention,

  • A laptop: Your friend wanted it, to complete a presentation.
  • Jewellery: There is a wedding function and your cousin want to attend it. However, she needs a necklace to pair with her outfit. You shared a jewellery item with her.
  • Bag: A friend of yours, is travelling to a hill station and want a backpack to carry with him/her. You gave your backpack.
  • Food: On weekend, you went out to enjoy some street food. There you met a beggar on road and you shared your food.

Sample answer one on the cue card, describe a time when you shared something with others:


  • Introduction of the cue card:

We often share things with our loved ones. Whenever, they are in need or require any kind of help, it is pretty sure that one will step forward to help.

Today, I would describe a time when I shared something with other.

  • Who you shared with? And what you shared?

There are many things, which I shared with my friends like, notebooks, pen, food and colours. However, the thing which I shared recently, with one of my friends is an outfit.

Let me tell you what actually happened, like every morning, my friend arrived from her home to the college, on her personal vehicle which is a Honda Activa. Moreover, from her location, it takes around 40 minutes to reach the institution. Also, she would pick me every day from my home and we would go to the college together.

That day, I was waiting for her to come. Suddenly, it started raining heavily. After some time, my friend reached my home and she was wet due to rain.

I did not give any second thought and just told my friend to take any of my outfit and wear it. Additionally, I offered her a cup of coffee so that she does not get ill.

shared bike

  • Why you shared it?

I shared the outfit with my friend as it is a moral value to share something with others. Moreover, I was concerned about my friend’s health. It was an emergency situation so the generous act was to offer her clothes. Also, we had to go to the college as it was the last day of presentation submission, which was very important. Then, me and my friend went to the college.

  • Explain how you felt about sharing it?

I felt satisfied and thought that God has made me capable to help someone. Also, I was happy and had a smile on my face. When you have something and someone is really in need of it. We should offer the help no matter the person is someone we know or a stranger.

  • Conclude your cue card:

Anyone else at my place would have done the same as I did by sharing something. Moreover, we should never step back when it comes to offer a help. Therefore, this was a time when I shared something with others.

Sample answer two on the cue card, describe time when you shared something with others:


  • Begin, with introducing your cue card topic:

I believe in sharing things, as it is a good gesture towards others. Also, there is no harm in sharing when you know, other person genuinely needs it.

I would elaborate a time when I shared something with others.

  • Who you shared with? What you shared?

During my graduation, we used to get project work for all the subjects. For completing the project and presentations, a gadget like, laptop and tablet is must require. Moreover, all my classmates used to make their projects by using a laptop.

Furthermore, we had got a major project work and it was very important to score well in internal examination. Everybody was very excited about their project and started thinking about their topics.

However, my best friend was looking upset. I asked my friend, she told me that there is a problem in her laptop and it is not functioning properly. This was the reason, due to which she was upset about completing the project before deadline. Also, she said that it is difficult to spend money on a new laptop.

I told my friend to use my laptop, and not to worry about such little things. In addition, we decided the timings to use the laptop. We had duration of ten days, to complete the project. I and my friend used those days wisely, to complete the project work on time.  Moreover, I told my friend that I do not feel worried about sharing something with others.

Later on, my friend felt relieved and thanked me regarding the help. Also, stated that she   is lucky to have me as a bestie.

share laptop

  • Why you shared it?

I shared the laptop with my friend because the project was really important. I knew she was genuinely in a problem and being a friend, I will always help her. We shared a good bonding with each other. Additionally, laptop is a personal gadget but sharing it with my bestie was not a big deal.

  • How you felt about sharing it?

I prefer showing care and affection towards my family and friends. Moreover, I felt delighted as I helped my friend when she was in a tough situation. Apart from this, we both submitted our projects before deadline and were extremely happy to finish work on time.

Follow up questions:


  • Do you like to share?

Yes of course, I like to share things with others. I share my things with my siblings as well as friends. However, I do not prefer to share personal stuff like phone and daily use things.

  • What are the consequences if children don’t like to share?

As per my opinion, it is very important for kids to learn about sharing. It will not be difficult for children to work in a team work and adjust at school, college and at workplace. In contrast, If children do not like to share they will find it difficult to adjust in upcoming times.

  • How do you feel about sharing accommodations with others on campus?

Well, I do not prefer sharing accommodation with someone. I will feel restricted at my own room. The main issue is I love to be in my own space and place the things in the room according to my choice.

On the other hand, if I share the accommodation, I would adjust, according to   other person choices.

  • How could parents and teachers teach young children to share?

Parents can make the children play and share toys with their siblings. Also, take the children out in the park and let them play with other children.

Similarly, teachers can teach sharing by making the children have food together and share with each other. Moreover, allowing them to play together. Thus, children will make new friends and develop the habit of sharing with others.

  • Do people in your country prefer to share public transport or do they prefer to use private transport?

In my nation, people travel by both public as well as private transport. It depends on the choice of people whether they travel by public or private.

Furthermore, many people travel by bus and auto rickshaw. They find it cheap and accessible to travel with the use of public transport. However, there are people those prefer their personal vehicle to travel.

  • Would you ever share your food with someone else?

Yes, I share my food with my family members. Even I would love to share my food with a needy person.

For example – Previous week, I visited a restaurant and ordered pizza. Suddenly, I seen a boy selling pens on the road and asking people for food.

I shared my pizza with that boy and he was very happy.

shared pizza


THIS IS THE SAMPLE ANSWER AND FOLLOW-UP OF THE CUE CARD: Describe a time when you shared something with other. .


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