Describe a time when you travelled by a bus. CUE CARD

IELTS SPEAKING CUE CARD: Describe a time when you travelled by a bus.


  • When you travelled?
  • Where you went?
  • Why you travelled?
  • Did you enjoy your travel?

Sample answer on the cue card, describe a time when you travelled by a bus:

I am fond of travelling to new places. I have travelled by air, rail and bus. If we talk about a road trip, it is very exciting to travel by a bus.

I would like to describe a time when I travelled by a bus.




I and my friends, made a plan to travel Agra. During the summer vacations, we had the opportunity to explore the new places. As there was no stress of assignments and studies. Vacations are meant to enjoy and get some relaxation.

Furthermore, we decided all about the accommodation, food, attractions and transportation. We finalized to travel by bus as it is fun when you get to see many other places in the way. Bus stops at various locations in between the journey and I wanted to gain that experience.

We chose Agra as our travel destination because I had heard a lot about Taj Mahal. It is famous place of my country. In my schooling, I was told stories of the Taj Mahal, by my school teacher. This increased my curiosity to visit the place. Even my classmates, would tell me about their visit to Agra. This was the reason I wanted to visit the place. Earlier, I never got a chance to visit there. However, my friends were planning a trip so I gave them idea to travel Agra.

I enjoyed a lot during my trip, we did lot of activities in the way. I and my friends sang songs, clicked photographs at several locations, enjoyed food and played cards.

Moreover, whenever bus stopped at a new place for a short break, we enjoyed the view and captured photographs of the place. I was extremely happy to travel by bus. We covered many tourist places at Agra which included – Taj Mahal, Agra fort, Akbar’s tomb, Anguri Bagh and Fatehpur Sikri. Also, we visited the famous shopping market known as Kinari bazar.

Therefore, choosing a bus as the transportation service was the best option for us. It was a huge distance but I enjoyed travelling by a bus.

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