Describe a time when you visited a village. IELTS cue card

Speaking cue card: Describe a time when you visited a village.

  • When you visited?
  • With whom you visited?
  • What you did there?
  • Did you like the place?

Sample answer one for the cue card, describe a time when you visited a village:

Village is a great place to visit when you want some peace. Today, I would describe a time when I visited a village.

During my college days, one of my friends was from village. He came to the city for pursuing further studies. Moreover, we both were roommates as stayed at college hostel.

Moreover, my friend used to tell me about his village. I was eager to see the village life and the fresh environment over there.




Furthermore, on weekend my friend was leaving for his village and asked me to come along with him. I wanted to visit village from so long. I packed my luggage and we took a roadways bus. My friend told me it will take two hours to reach to his place.

Additionally, we reached at the village bus stop. My friend’s dad arrived there to receive us. However, I was extremely happy to see the greenery. There were trees, grass and crops everywhere. The houses were surrounded with the fields of crops. I felt fresh and alive in that environment. I had just arrived at the village and was already in love with the place.

After we reached home, we did the breakfast and it included the chapati, yoghurt and butter. I just loved the food as it was so tasty. After, taking some rest in the afternoon. My friend planned to show me the village in the evening. Firstly, I got to see the poultry farm and the farm animals. There I seen buffalo, cow and goat. I captured pictures of the farm and was happy to see the farm animals.

Later on, we went to see the village on the bicycles. My friend shown me water tube well. He told me that in the summers they bath in the tube well and it is fun. I drank the water from tube well for the very first time.

In addition to this, we went to the yard of mango trees and I eat ripe mangoes. I felt so good and clicked photographs of every place. I also did the photoshoot in the crops and made videos of the place.

Earlier, I never visited a village as I live in an urban area. That day, I was glad to visit the village. It was a unique and different experience. I felt so relaxed and fresh during that time. I liked the place a lot and would love to visit the place again. It was a good experience and I was away from the noise and traffic congestion of the city.

After, coming back to the city, I talked about my experience to my friends and shown the photographs. They were amazed to see the pictures. Then, everyone insisted my friend, to visit the village on the summer vacation.

Therefore, this was the time when I visited a village.

Follow up questions:

( Describe a time when you visited a village)

Qus 1: Do you think rural areas require development?

Yes of course, rural areas should be considered by the authorities. There should be facilities such as healthcare, transportation, schools and colleges. In villages, residents cover long distance to get the healthcare facility. Also, schools are far away from the area.

Moreover, transportation facility of the rural areas should be improved as travel will consume less amount of time.

Qus 2: What are the difficulties faced by people living in rural areas?

Now a days, in cities there are many facilities to live a comfortable lifestyle. While, in rural areas people face the problems to gain the most basic facilities such as, electricity and transportation.

Additionally, people living in rural areas have to travel to cities for things such as grocery, clothes and medicines. If there is any kind of medical emergency, people of rural area travel many kilometers to reach to the hospital.

Qus 3: Do you think rural areas have better environment than the cities?

According to my perspective, rural areas have a peaceful environment. In rural areas, there is no noise pollution. Also, one can feel relaxed in the fresh environment. There is lot of greenery in the rural areas.

On the other hand, in cities there is problem of traffic congestion, air and noise pollution.

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