Describe a time when you won a prize- cue card 2021

Cue Card Samples Answers: Describe a time when you won prize.

ielts speaking cue card topic on prize
 (ielts speaking cue card topic on prize)

Describe a time when you got prize by your school principal?

  • When you won the prize?
  • Why you got that prize ?
  • How you felt after receiving it?

In this cue card topic, you should talk about the time when your school principal appreciated you by offering the prize. Prize can be a trophy, medal or certificate.

There are many contests and competitions organized in schools. You would have participated in any competition and  won prize. All is that you have to just explain that moment.

Explanation of this (prize) cue card:

When you won the prize (cue card question 1)

Mention the time here, you can say during high school or senior secondary education. Also, you can say that when I was in eighth standard, I took part in the debate competition.

Why you got that prize (cue card question 2)

You should state your achievement here. Talk about the reason of the prize. It is necessary to tell the whole back story behind that prize.

How you felt after receiving that prize (cue card question 2)

Express your thoughts on that moment. You can state your happiness.


Sample answer one for this (prize) cue card topic:

School days are the most memorable days of the life and are always cherished. We often participate in many competitions during our schooling. Those days, it felt so good to receive token of the appreciation.

Here, I would like to elaborate the time when I got trophy as a prize by my school principal.

I vividly remember, when I was persuing my senior secondary education as a commerce student. I got an assignment by my English teacher. Moreover, the assignment was about writing poetry on ‘female foeticide’.

Additionally, I never explored my writing skills before. I took me two days for writing the poem on ‘female foeticide’. Next day, when I went to school, I submitted my assignment to my English teacher.

I was just waiting her to read as i first wrote a poem. Also, I made a drawing of a girl on side of the poetry and my assignment looked so colourful. Moreover, I wrote the poem following the rhyming pattern.

I had different thoughts in mind that she will find it attractive or not. Later on, she distributed the assignment sheets back to all the students. However, there were scores on it.

I got good scores and she told she liked it. Then, it went like other assignments for me and I forgot about it.

Surprisingly, an incident happened that was unexpected. My school principal sent poen to give me the notice that mam is asking me to come to the office. Immediately, I reached her office and she told me to have a seat. Further, she said that she read my poem and it is very impressive.

Also, I got to know that my English tutor submitted the assignment of all the students in mam’s office. Furthermore, she appreciated me a lot and recommended my poem to be published in the school magazine.

After period of a week, I came to know that I have been chosen from all the other students those were from other branch of the school. My poem got published in the school magazine along with my photograph.

In addition, my school principal gave me trophy as a prize as well as cash prize of two thousand rupees. I was regarded in the morning assembly and my classmates congratulated me.

At that time, I felt out of words as was not able to express my happiness in words. It was huge for me to listen kind words about me from other people.

It meant a lot for me at that age and when I told my parents. They felt delighted and told that I made them proud. Apart from this, this was time when I found my interest in writing.


Sample answer two for this (prize) cue card topic:


During school days, receiving prize from the principal was a huge thing. Those little things gave pleasure and happiness. After the school rushing to mom and revealing about the prize to her would give satisfaction.

I would like to elaborate the time when I got the token of appreciation by my school principal.

While, I was undergoing my senior secondary education, I received the gold medal as well as geometry box as an award by my principal.

Let me explain you further, our school organized a inter – school competition which included – speech delivering, rangoli – making, dance, singing, debate and portrait – making. Moreover, I participated in speech competition. The topic for the speech was ‘water conservation’.

I got one hour time limit to prepare my speech. Additionally, there were many thoughts in mind so i just combined all of them together. I included the reasons of water shortage. Further, I listed habits of public due to which water level decreased.

Also, I included the solutions to tackle the problem. I gave example of the water wastage due to car wash. When I was presenting my speech Infront of audience, I maintained an eye contact and spoke without using any notes.

Apart from this, the spectators over there were listening very carefully. It seemed that they are interested to listen my speech. I spoke fluently and by using illustrations explained my point well.

After delivering the speech all the participants were waiting for the results. The results were announced in the evening after all the contests. After, the results of other categories, I heard my name as acquiring first position in the speech competition.


I could not believe and went to the stage. Moreover, there I got the prize from my school principal. Also, she appreciated me a lot.

It felt amazing after receiving an award as well as appreciation from the teachers.  Additionally, my classmates congratulated me for the prize.

I was extremely happy that day. Also, I told my parents and they were elated by knowing about it.





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