Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market. ielts cue card

Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market.


    • When it was?
    • Where the market was?
    • What you bought?
    • And how you felt about it?

Sample answer one on the cue card, describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market:




There are street markets in every city. Most of individuals prefer street market for their shopping as they offer variety of products on a reasonable price.

I would describe a time I bought something from a street or outdoor market.


When it was?

Previous month, I bought a traditional outfit from a street market. Actually, there was annual day celebration in my college. Everybody was so excited for this event as it is celebrated in a grand way.


Where the market was?

The street market I visited, is the famous market of my city. It is situated in the center of my city. Moreover, it is just 5km away from my place. I mostly go there for shopping with my friends and family.


What you bought?

I wanted a nice outfit to wear on my college event. As per my performance theme, I wanted a traditional outfit. Furthermore, the street market of my city was the best option for my shopping.

After reaching street market, I went to several shops and seen outfits with different designs and material. There was lot of variety in market and I was getting very confused while, choosing the perfect outfit for me.

Thankfully, I had visited market along with my bestie. She helped me to choose an outfit that would suit me the best. Finally, I purchased an attire, which was a beautiful Anarkali suit. I loved the mirror work embroidery on it.

Additionally, I required a jewellery item to pair it with my traditional outfit. I purchased a set of earrings and a forehead accessory. Both were golden in colour and made a great combination with my outfit.

Furthermore, I got both the items in a reasonable price rate. This is what I love about the street market, you can get products of your choice at cheap price.



How you felt about it?

I felt so happy. Getting your shopping done in a reasonable price would give happiness to anyone. It feels good that you have not spent lot of money. Also, got the clothes and other things of your choice. Specially, when you get what you really wanted and was looking for.

Therefore, this was a time I bought something from a street or outdoor market.

Sample answer two on the cue card:

describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market.

I have seen people enjoying their shopping in street market as the place offers a lot. People enjoy their entire day by shopping as well as eating street food. Likewise, I enjoy doing shopping at street market in my city.

Presently, I would describe a time I bought something from a street or outdoor market.


When it was?

Recently, my friend asked me to come along for the shopping at a street market. Also, my friend told me that he wanted to purchase some clothes and footwear for this winter.

We decided to visit the street market on Sunday as on this day, there is huge sale on all the products such as, clothes, jewellery, shoes and household items.


Where the market was?

The street market is located at city center of my hometown. It is the most preferred shopping place by residents of my city. People enjoy their shopping as well as street food at this market.


What you bought?


As I told you earlier, I had gone for my friend’s shopping. I was not having any shopping preference in my mind. I just went for enjoying my day. However, when we stopped at a footwear shop. A pair of boots caught my attention and I asked shopkeeper to show me that pair.

Further, I tried the boots and they suited me well. The boots were brown in colour and the material was quite good. Also, the price was very less. The boots were stylish high ankle boots.

Surprisingly, I seen similar boots on an online app and they costed for 7,000 INR. I was happy that I got the boots at a cheaper price as I paid 1200 rupees.


How you felt about it?

I was delighted with my purchase as I got a really nice pair of boots. I can wear those shoes with any casual outfit and they are great for this winter season.

Additionally, I was satisfied with my spending. As I got the footwear in a normal price range. I was very excited to wear the shoes for the very first time and click some amazing photos. Also, I was happy to add a new pair of shoes to my footwear collection.

Hence, this was a time I bought something from a street or outdoor market.


Follow up questions:(IELTS SPEAKING PART 3)


  • What kind of markets are there in India?

In India, there are various kinds of market. There are street markets in every city, which are very popular among people because of affordable price and variety of products.

Other than that, there are books, flower, utensils, vegetable, fruits, fish, electronics, clothing, footwear and sports markets. In my nation, in most of regions, there is a separate market for all the necessities.

In addition, there are local markets that include food outlets and restaurants. There are shopping malls open in almost every city of India. People love to spend their leisure time at shopping malls. They enjoy shopping as well as other activities over there.


  • Do you think small markets will disappear in the future?

According to my view, this will happen in the future. People are getting more attracted towards shopping malls and showrooms of different brands. Presently, people like to go at places with elegant interiors rather than a crowded market.

Most of individuals, find small markets crowded. Also, they think the place consumes more time in shopping.

For instance – Currently, maximum people go for their grocery shopping at supermarkets. As they get all the goods at one place. In terms of the small markets, people find it difficult to do their grocery shopping there.

Therefore, I think small markets will reduce in upcoming times.


  • Have people’s shopping habits changed in recent years?

Yes, of course, there is huge change seen in people’s shopping habits. People find online shopping more exciting and easier.

The reason behind this is that online shopping apps and websites, provide many discounts offers. Also, they provide lot of variety from which a person can make a right choice. There are facilities such as, easy return and refund policies.

Today, people follow a busy schedule and they do not get enough time for shopping. Thus, people are preferring online shopping as it is not time consuming.


  • What are the differences between shopping in street markets and big shopping malls?

There are many differences between shopping in street markets and shopping malls. The differences include – price rate, variety, brand and warranty policies. In shopping malls shopping there are showroom of different brands both national and international. Whereas, in street markets you get items of local brands. Furthermore, in malls the price of commodities is higher as compared to street markets. Moreover, in street markets you do not get warranty on purchased item. However, in malls there is warranty card provided on most of the things.



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