Describe a time you got up early. Follow up

Describe a time you got up early:

Describe a time you got up early. Follow up

  • When was it?
  • Why did you get up early?
  • What did you do after getting up?
  • How did you feel about it?


Sample answer 1.


Describe a time you got up early:

Sleeping girl

Getting up early is referred as a healthy habit in the daily routine. Also, it is believed that if you get up early, your body will stay active. You will be able to complete all the tasks with more enthusiasm and will not feel lethargic.

Here, I would describe a time I got up early.

When was it?


I usually get up early on daily basis. However, there was a time when I had to get up around 3 o’clock in the morning. It was really early as compared to my daily schedule. Moreover, a time I got up early was six months ago.


Why did you get up early?


I got up early as there was a wedding in my house. It was my brother’s wedding and the wedding location was far from my city. It would take around 4 hours to reach the wedding venue.

According to our tradition, it is important to reach on time so that marriage ceremony is held on the required time.


What did you do after getting up?


I and my family members, started getting ready for the wedding. That day, everyone wanted to look the best as it was a special day for all. Obviously, it would consume time so it was necessary to get up early.

Furthermore, everyone was ready around 5 o’clock. Then, we did the breakfast as had to cover a long distance. Additionally, some important rituals were performed by my parents and relatives.

After that, we all went to the Gurdwara Sahib and bowed our head Infront of Guru Granth Sahib Jii. Everyone prayed and asked for the blessings of God.

Finally, we left for the wedding venue and reached there at 11 o’clock. We were happy to reach on time.


How did you feel about it?


Not only me but everyone was happy as we reached on the time that we all had decided. In addition, all the rituals were done without any delay. The most important ritual that is Anand Karaj, which is meant to be done with in the required time. It was completed beautifully and the bride and groom got married.

I was elated by viewing all the rituals. Also, I loved the decoration at wedding. I enjoyed the wedding a lot. Additionally, the bride and groom, gave me immense happiness as they were looking great together.

When I was told by my parents that everyone should get up early. I was little worried about it. I already felt tired because of dancing on the sangeet function. Apart from this, I got up early and I was glad to do so.


Sample answer two on the cue card, describe a time you got up early.


I normally get up around 6:30 am at week days and at weekends I sleep for long. For me, getting up early is a difficult task. Surprisingly, there was a time I got up early.

Now, I would describe a time I got up early.


When was it?

Previous year, I had my board exams and I was concerned about my preparation. Moreover, I had just a month left for my preparation of all the subjects.


Why did you get up early?


Earlier, I focused on my practical exam. Though I had prepared all the subjects to score good in practical still I wanted a final revision. Also, it was very important for my satisfaction.

Hence, I decided to get up early at 5:30 am in the morning. I made a time table so that I equally focus on all the subjects. Also, following a time table made it easier for me as I was clear about what to do each day.


What did you do after getting up?


Firstly, I did yoga and meditation. As it is believed that meditation improves the focus. Yoga made me feel active throughout the day. Later on, after having my breakfast, I used to check the time table. After that, I started with my studies.

I studied for two hours continuously. Then, I took a short break and my mom would give me food. After finishing my meal, I would play some indoor games such as Carrom board, Ludo and online games. Playing games made my mind relaxed.

This way, I managed my morning routine and it turned out very beneficial.


How did you feel about it?


My decision of getting up early for few days, was fruitful for my results. Moreover, I felt amazing that finally, there is a time I got up early.

As I never liked getting up early but I left my lazy habit behind. Additionally, I was overjoyed by the fact, I did efforts to change my habit.

I was so determined towards my studies and received an outstanding result after my exams. Therefore, this is the remembrance I had about a time I got up early.


Follow up questions, describe a time you got up early:


time you got up early


Do you know anyone who likes to get up early?


Yes of course, my maternal grandfather wakes up very early. He wakes up at 3:00 am daily and recite path. He never missed his routine as he is very spiritual. Even during winter season, he follows this routine.

Similarly, my mom and dad get up early but not very early as my maternal grandfather. They wake up at 5:30 am and go to Gurdwara. I also want to inbuild this habit in me. However, I am still trying to get up early.


Why do people get up early?


According to my view, there are several reasons that people get up early. People get up early to follow their routine of doing prayer and thanking the Almighty. Also, to visit the holy places.

Apart from this, people get up early to finish their work on time. Also, there are some people those get up early to follow their fitness routine which includes gym, yoga, running and meditation.


What kind of situations need people to arrive early?


Being punctual is a good habit and people should follow it. There are various situations when people should arrive early. The situations like, college or school classes, at office opening timing, conferences and business meetings.

Also, at personal events as arriving early will make the loved ones feel happy.


Why do some people like to stay up late?


As per my opinion, people like to stay up late when they focus on finishing an important work. In contrast, some people stay awake late at night as they watch movies or web series. They are addicted to watch entertainment shows and then sleep.



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