Describe A Time, You Surprised Your Friend-IELTS Speaking Answer

Surprised Your Friend

Describe a time when you surprised your friend.

  • What was the surprise?
  • When you gave it?
  • How did you plan?
  • What was the reaction of your friend when you Surprised Your Friend?

The cue card topic is about the time when you surprised your friend. You can express your views in this topic by using several ideas.

Plan the cue card topic by using these points:

  • You can talk about the surprise birthday party that you organised for your friend. In this, you can include points regarding the entire planning for the birthday party. Also, mention about the things you used for the decoration purpose. You can state the guest list of the party.
  • Another idea for the cue card topic, you amazed your best friend by planning a trip to the hill station. You organised everything which involved the accommodation, food services, transportation and the attractions to visit.
  • Third idea for this cue card topic, your friend wanted to buy an outfit which was expensive. The outfit was saved in your friend’s wish list of an app from the last two months. Later on, you surprised your friend by gifting that particular outfit. Apart from this, talk about the reaction your friend gave after the surprise.
  • Fourth idea, you gifted your friend the latest gadget, which was beneficial for him/her. Present the details of the gadget in your answer.

Therefore, you can use any innovative idea for this cue card. Choose your idea from the above-mentioned points.

Sample answer one: Describe A Time When You Surprised Your Friend

There are several occasions when we plan to surprise our loved ones.

Today, I am going to talk about the time when I surprised my best friend on her birthday.

Previous week, there was my bestie’s birthday. Moreover, I wanted to make her birthday memorable. I decided to organise a surprise birthday party for her.

Furthermore, a day before my friend’s birthday. I thought some ideas regarding the room decoration. Later on, I finalised the idea of decorating the room with Led lights, candles and colourful balloons. Moreover, I made list of all the material required for the decoration. Firstly, I went to the bakery shop and gave order of the cake.

Additionally, I went to the market and purchased all the decoration stuff. Then, in the evening, I started organising the party. I invited some common friends and we together did the decoration work. I wanted the vibrant interior so we used lots of golden led lights. Also, we decorated the table with candles and balloons where the cake cutting ceremony was planned.

In addition to this, I wrote some beautiful lines on the balloons with the marker. Then, we hanged all the balloons. The place looked spectacular after the decoration work. It was about 10:30 pm, when I ordered the food according to the menu that was decided by all the friends. Furthermore, we all got ready for the party.

Then, around 11:59 pm, we all were ready to surprise the birthday girl by wishing her exactly at 12:00 AM. We all gave the birthday wishes and blind – folded my bestie.

(Conclude at last)

Moreover, we took her to the party location and when she opened her eyes. She was shocked to see such an amazing view. After the cake cutting ceremony, I performed on my friend’s favourite songs and we all enjoyed a lot. Also, she told us that we all made her birthday special and rememberable. Further, she asked, when did all this planning happen as she did not get any hint regarding it. She was extremely happy and enjoyed her special day.

This is the sample answer of cue card: Describe A Time When You Surprised Your Friend

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