Describe a volunteering experience that you have had-cue card

IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a volunteering experience that you have had?

  • What it was?
  • Where it was?
  • Why you volunteered?
  • How you felt about it?

Sample answer for the cue card, describe a volunteering experience that you have had:

I have known about volunteering in my schooling, my teachers taught me to participate in social campaigns as a volunteer. Moreover, I participated in many campaigns such as cleanliness, helping poor people and taking care of stray dogs.

Here, I would like to talk about a volunteering experience that I have.

Previous year, we shifted to our new home. The place and people were new for me as well as my family. One day, I stepped out for an evening walk. Furthermore, I met with my neighbours and interacted with an uncle who works for an NGO.

I came to know that it is an animal NGO and they take care of stray dogs.

dog care (volunteering experience)

Additionally, in my residential area there are many stray dogs. Uncle works as a volunteer and provides food as well as treatment to stray dogs. Moreover, I got inspired by his selfless act.

I decided to assist uncle as a volunteer. Next day, I met uncle, I told him that I want to work as a volunteer and become member of the NGO.

He was delighted after knowing about my decision. He took me along with him and registered my name as a volunteer.

I took the volunteering decision as I wanted to help others.

I know, helping others give happiness and satisfaction. Earlier, I had worked as a volunteer so I know how it feels when we help someone.

Furthermore, I took some share from my pocket money and used that to feed the stray dogs in my locality. Also, I took the injured dogs to NGO for the treatment.

However, I felt upset when I got to see injuries of dogs, which were caused due to accidents. There are many stray dogs those are hit by the vehicles on road.

{Tip: Try to conclude your topic at last}

I felt there is nothing better than helping others. Utilising the leisure time in such a good act of serving, makes me feel relaxed. It feels amazing to work as a volunteer.

In addition to this, it has been a year working as a volunteer. Currently, I am doing the same and volunteering for the same purpose. Thus, I love to work as a volunteer and will continue doing it.


Follow up questions related to cue card: A volunteering experience that you have had-cue card.

What qualities are required for being a volunteer?

  • As per my opinion, for being a volunteer you need to have kindness towards others. Moreover, the feeling of compassion makes a person do the volunteering work.
  • For instance – When you see an injured dog on the roadside and feel sad about it. Immediately, you take the dog for the treatment.
  •  Therefore, anyone can be a volunteer and help by serving the needy ones.


What type of personality does a volunteer has?

  • According to my view, a volunteer has a strong and positive personality. They are friendly and expressive by nature. Also, they consider following the moral values.

How can companies engaging in volunteering help our society?

  • I think, companies can help the society by sponsoring the events such as educating poor children, cleanliness drive, providing food and clothes.
  • In addition to this, companies can organise awareness campaigns so that people come to know about the social issues. By this individual can come forward to provide their support.
  • For example – There is an occurrence of natural disaster – floods in an area. It is very important to rescue people and animals from the region.
  • Thus, companies can provide the funds, which will help to continue the rescue operation.


Do you think people now a days should participate more in volunteering?

  • Yes, of course, people should participate more in volunteering. In the past few years, we are experiencing major problems on our planet. There is increase in natural disasters and health issues as well. Also, there are many suffering from the poverty and struggle to get food.
  • Participating more in volunteering will help society in many ways. By this people can help each other to solve the social issues.


How do modern technologies assist volunteers and volunteering experiences?

  • The advancement in the technology has made it easier to know about the surroundings.
  •  There are several social platforms through which volunteers stay updated about the recent problems. Furthermore, there are volunteering online groups and social pages, by which all the volunteer stays in touch and get the information about any area, where help is required.
  • Also, these online pages can inspire the people to do more social work.

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