Describe an activity that you perform daily to stay fit.

CUE CARD TOPIC: Describe an activity that you perform daily to stay fit.

  • What is it?
  • When you do it?
  • How the activity benefits you?
  • How you feel after doing this activity?

Today, everyone does activities on regular basis for living a healthy life.

There are several activities about which you can describe in this cue card topic.

Ideas for this cue card topic, describe an activity that you perform daily to stay fit:

  • Running

There are several benefits of running such as maintain weight, reduce risk of diseases, increase strength, improve mental wellbeing. You can say, running has helped you to achieve your goal of lean body.

Moreover, you do not miss running in your daily routine as it helps your body and mind, to stay active.

  • Dancing

Elaborate about the dancing, as the activity you do to stay fit. You do dancing in the evening and it makes you feel alive. You appreciate all the dance forms and it is what describes your personality well.

Mention about advantages you gained through dancing. The activity has developed agility and flexibility in your body, it has made you confident, provides happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment.


  • Cycling

Present your ideas on cycling, you can state that you go for cycling with your friends. By this activity, you get to enjoy and spend time with your friends. Additionally, cycling has helped in your weight loss journey. It has solved your issues related to sleep. You get better sleep and feel stress free.


  • Yoga

Discuss about yoga as your daily activity. I have presented the ideas about this activity in the cue card sample answer.

Go through the sample answer given below, for ideas on this activity.


Yoga activity to stay fit


Sample answer one for the cue card, describe an activity that you perform daily to stay fit:

Every person wants to be in a good shape. In recent times, maximum individuals prefer to maintain their body by healthy diet and exercise. Moreover, people do activities such as yoga and cardio exercises to stay fit.

I would like to describe a activity that I perform daily to stay fit.

I get up early in the morning around 5:30 am. My day starts by following a healthy routine. Before starting the yoga practice, I take a glass of water. Then, I do yoga on the terrace of my house. Additionally, my yoga practice starts around 6 o’ clock daily.

Furthermore, I use the yoga mat to perform the yoga poses. There are several yoga poses which I do on the regular basis. I begin with the sun salutations and then move further. The other poses which I perform are triangle pose, mountain pose, chair pose, forward fold, yogi squat and plank pose. I also do the alternate nostril breathing which is very effective yoga exercise. It reduces stress and improves respiratory functions.

There are endless benefits of yoga. I following this routine from last four years and it has brought a positive change in my life. Yoga has helped me to build flexibility and strength in my body.

Additionally, It provides me relief from the back pain. I have seen change in my body posture. Yoga has improved my body posture and I feel more confident. Earlier, I had sleeping problems and used to struggle to get a good sleep. However, the day I began practicing yoga, I have maintained a good sleeping pattern.

After doing yoga, I feel active and enjoy doing tasks of the day. Also, yoga makes me feel fresh and relaxed. Yoga has become an important part of my life. I feel happy and positive after this activity. Thus, this is a activity that I perform daily to stay fit.

Follow up questions:

  • Why maximum individuals prefer gym now a days?

It is true that maximum people are showing interest in the gym, to maintain a healthy and fit body.

The reason is, individuals follow their favourite public figures on the social platforms, they get inspired from their fitness routines. They desire to be in shape as well as focus to get similar results.

In addition to this, People are aware about the benefits of exercising daily. Mostly, the youngsters focus on their physical health and have the proper knowledge.

For instance, most of the Indian women are inspired by Bani J who is an Indian fitness model as their idol.


  • Do you think advancement in technology has resulted in health awareness among people?

As per my opinion, technology has enabled people to gain knowledge about the ways, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Presently, people search about the exercise, equipment, techniques and diet plan. They watch videos to learn about gym workout, yoga and aerobic exercises.


  • Are there other ways to stay fit rather than exercising?

Yes of course, there are several ways to stay fit. The most important thing is to follow healthy habits such as drink lot of water, eat every meal on time, no overeating, avoid fast food, eat fruits and vegetables and take complete 8 hours sleep.

Also, the most effective thing is waking up early in the morning. This habit makes a person feel energetic throughout the day.


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