Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved- IELTS CUE CARD

Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved.

        • What is it?
        • Why haven’t you achieved it?
        • What you did?
        • How did you feel about it?


Sample answer for the cue card, describe ambition that you haven’t achieved:


Everybody has several dreams that they want to come true. Moreover, each and every individual makes strategies, follow a routine and work hard to achieve their ambitions.

However, sometimes a person lacks somewhere to achieve an ambition and this can be due to any reason.

Now, I will describe an ambition that I haven’t achieved.


What it is.

An ambition that I haven’t achieved, is to gain expertise in French language. Though I tried my best to achieve this ambition but I was unable due to some valid reasons.


Why haven’t you achieved it? What you did?

Well, during my tertiary education I had French as an additional subject. In our college time table, we had French class on daily basis.

I would attend the French class on daily basis. Additionally, I used to understand all the concepts very carefully and concentrate well on them. I grabbed the knowledge of the basic concepts but was unable to gain expertise.

A lot of practice is required to be perfect in this language. For better understanding and fluency, an individual should have enough time to focus on it. Moreover, I had other subjects to focus on as I did not want my percentage to be affected.

Also, you get various assignments and other tasks to accomplish while institutional education. This was the major reason due to which I was unable to achieve this ambition.


How you felt about it?

I accepted the fact that ample of time and focus is required to achieve proficiency in French language. Yet I was a bit upset but I decided to pay attention to my ambition during vacations.

Therefore, this was about an ambition that I haven’t achieved. However, I will try my best to achieve it.

Follow up questions for the cue card, describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved:


1- What ambitions do children usually have?

I think children have a lot of ambitions. They usually have ambitions related to academics, to be best un extracurricular activities and have a bright career.

Presently, children also have ambitions to do well on social media platforms. As there are several options and children’s ambitions to perform on platforms related to dance, singing, general knowledge and comedy.

There are many children that focus on their passion and have an ambition that they want to achieve.


2- Why are some people very ambitious in their work?

According to my view, people are very ambitious when they are clear about their thoughts and want to achieve success. People those are enthusiastic, punctual and persistent towards their goals are very ambitious.

Apart from this, being ambitious gives them immense happiness as they do a lot of hard work. Also, it gives them motivation and the energy to stay focused.


3- Why don’t some people have dreams?

Everyone has several dreams; the only difference is that some are very focused on achieving them and others are not.

Every person wants something and there are people those work really hard to turn them into reality.


4- How do people balance work and life?

As per my opinion, each and every individual follow their own routine in order to manage the both, professional and personal life.

I have seen people completing all their official tasks in the working hours and reaching home without any pending work.

They do not carry office work and stress at home. Instead, enjoy their family time.

This only happens when they follow a proper routine and they are free for the family at the end of the day. Also, completing work related targets on time and going on outings with family is how people balance work and life.


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