Describe an art and craft activity that you had at school.


Describe an art and craft activity (e.g., painting, woodwork etc.) that you had at school.

  • What you made?
  • How was it?
  • What it looked like?
  • And how you felt about the activity?

Sample answer on the cue card, describe an art and craft activity that you had at school:

I had art and craft as a subject in my schooling, where I was taught about different form of art and craft works. Moreover, I did many art and craft activities in my school days.

Now, I would like to describe an art and craft activity that I had at school.

I did several art works but the sand painting that I made during a school competition, is a memorable experience of those days. At that time, I was in 7th standard. Also, I enjoyed making painting, greeting card, sketching, wall hangings, origami and flower crafts.

Sand painting (art and craft)

Furthermore, the painting I made was a bunch flower. I used material such as colourful sand, glue and pencil. Firstly, I took a sheet of paper and made the outline of flowers with the use of pencil. Also, I made small leaves around them. Then, I applied glue according to the design.

Additionally, I poured red and yellow colour sand on the areas where glue was applied. After sometime, I cleaned the excess sand with the help of a brush. My painting was already looking so vibrant.

Then, I followed the same procedure, to paint the leaves. Finally, I completed my sand painting on time and kept it on the display.

Moreover, I was extremely happy with my painting. The flowers were looking beautiful. Also, I liked the combination of colours that I used to make my painting. The sand of red, yellow and green made a good combination.

In addition to this, I achieved first prize in the art and craft competition. I was praised by my teachers and friends. Everyone liked my painting and clicked pictures of it.

I felt delighted as it was huge thing for me. I made that painting with lot of love and everyone found my painting interesting.

Apart from this, the art and craft activity made me feel motivated. Furthermore, I decided to improve my techniques. I wanted to learn more about art and craft.

Therefore, this was an art and craft activity that I had at school.

Follow up questions:

What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?

  • In my nation, there are several kinds of traditional handicrafts. There are handicrafts such as, block printing, pottery, wood carving, bamboo handicraft, mirror work, jute craft and embroidery.
  • Additionally, all the states of my country are famous for their regional handicrafts.
  • For instance – Kashmir is famous for woolen handicrafts. However, Rajasthan is famous for jewellery, textiles and marble works.

Should children learn more about art?

  • Yes of course, children should learn about art and develop their interest in it. As art increase the creativity and mental strength of kids. Also, it allows them to develop ideas and think broader.

Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?

  • According to my view, understanding art is not difficult. As art portray the emotions and thoughts of an individual. However, if some find it difficult to understand art, they might have a different perception to look towards the concepts of life.

What can we do to make young people pay more attention to traditional art?

  • Traditional art is important for youngsters as this will allow them to stay connected with their culture. Moreover, art and craft activities should be organised in schools as well as colleges.
  • Also, workshops should be organised and children should be taught different art works such as, embroidery, wooden carvings, rangoli making, knitting and fabric painting. This way youngsters will know about their traditional art.

Do you think art should be included in school curriculums?

  • As per my opinion, art is an essential subject so it should be included in school curriculum. Furthermore, this will develop new skills in scholars and enable them to use their imagination. Additionally, students can choose art for their bright career.
  • In contrast, students find study boring and do not like to go school regularly. If art included as a subject, this will bring a change for students and make them feel relaxed.

Have you attended any lessons about art?

  • During my schooling, I attended art lessons and it was my favourite subject.
  • I enjoyed making paintings and learning new techniques of art. In addition to this, I used to ask many questions from my art teacher. Even I practiced a lot to improve my art skills and the lessons I attended were very helpful.

What have you learnt from these lessons?

  • These lessons improved my art techniques a lot. I came to know about different art forms – oil painting, fabric, landscape and sand painting. Also, I came to know the entire procedures of these art forms.
  • I developed completed understanding about portrait making.

What do young people think of traditional handicrafts?

  • In recent times, youngsters are fond of traditional handicrafts. They love to wear traditional clothes and jewellery.
  • For example – Today, women’s like wearing traditional clothes and jewellery. Also, traditional hand bags are very famous among them.

Do people in your country send handicrafts as gifts?

  • Yes, people in my country send handicrafts to their loved ones as gifts. They send handicrafts like, home décor items, ceramics, wooden carvings and embroidered outfits.

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