Describe An Interesting Animal-IELTS CUE CARD 2021

Describe an interesting animal.

  • What is the animal?
  • When you saw the animal?
  • Why you find that animal interesting?

Sample answer one on interesting animal:

Every individual expresses their care and love towards the animal, which they find interesting. Some people find dogs an interesting animal and others might not. Moreover, this is all about the choice of an individual regarding their interesting animal.

I would like to elaborate about an interesting animal.

A week ago, I went to the park situated in my residential area. Generally, I used to visit the park at the morning for jogging. However, that day weather was pleasant so I went to the park at the afternoon. I took my laptop to do the pending project work as well as some food to eat. Furthermore, I sat on the bench and started doing my work. Later on, I took a break and enjoyed eating the green salad. Surprisingly, I seen a squirrel on the grass and when I turned my head towards it. The squirrel rushed towards the tree and climbed the tree.

Interesting Animal Squirrel

Additionally, after some time I once again seen the squirrel. This time I threw a piece of capsicum towards the squirrel. Squirrel grabbed the capsicum chunk in the feet and started biting it. The way squirrel was eating, it was so adorable. At that particular moment, I found squirrel an interesting animal.

In addition to this, there came another squirrel and I throw a tiny piece of carrot towards it. Then, squirrel started biting it and I was continuously staring at the squirrel. Also, I captured video of that moment in my mobile phone.

Squirrels are the cutest animal I have ever seen before. The appearance and eating habits of squirrel make it an interesting animal. I found squirrel loveable due to it’s appearance. The body of squirrel was combination of light and dark brown shade. Basically, there was brown colour fur on the body. Also, squirrel had a long furry tail. Moreover, the small ears and round big eyes made the squirrel look attractive. I was amazed to see squirrel blinking the eyes. The round eyes of the squirrel looked appealing.


I was elated to see the squirrel that day and it made my day. After that specific day, I visit to the park every weekend and take some nuts with me to feed the squirrels. Therefore, squirrels are an interesting animal and I love to notice them.

Sample answer two on interesting animal:

I am fond of animals and love to know the facts about them. Also, I prefer watching animals on the discovery channel.

Today, I would like to talk about an interesting animal.

There is a funny story behind my favourite animal. Previous year, I first time seen the cat so close to me. Actually, one day when I went to the kitchen and opened the door. Suddenly, I got frightened after noticing the cat Infront of me. At that time, cat was drinking milk kept in the kitchen. Moreover, when cat seen me at that place, for few seconds the animal looked around to run. Immediately, cat jumped out from the window.


However, I was shocked to see an animal in the kitchen but I was happy that I seen cat. Earlier, I never seen an animal with such a beautiful physical appearance. The cat was of white colour, looked fluffy like covered in white snow. Also, the brown eyes of the animal were very attractive.

Apart from this, I searched online to know more about the cat. I came to know about the distinct features of the animal. In addition, I got to know that cat is very flexible as well as intelligent animal. I seen videos of cat jumping and crawling to save herself from the danger.

Moreover, I decided to keep cat as a pet. Presently, I have cat and two kittens as my pet animal. Additionally, I love to see kittens playing with the ball. I feel relaxed when I spend time with this animal. Thus, I find cat as the most interesting animal.

Some ideas for this cue card, describe an interesting animal:

Maximum number of individuals, have their favourite animal as their pet. You can answer this cue card topic, by talking about your pet or favourite animal.

When you will speak about your pet, you can easily describe as you genuinely find that animal interesting.

For example: Most of the people have dog as a pet animal. If told to describe their pet, they can easily talk about it.

Similarly, you can speak on your pet and you will get lot of ideas to fully answer the cue card topic.

  • Choose cat as the interesting animal and talk about it. You will have ample of ideas as there is a lot to talk about this animal. You can also read the above sample answer and will surely get some ideas.
  • In your cue card, include points on physical appearance of the animal such as – size, colour, height, eyes, ears and tail.
  • State when you saw the animal and where you saw. For answering this, you can potray a short story by which you can easily explain and cover all the points.

Follow up questions:

  • Do people in your country keep animals as a pet?

Yes, of course, people of my nation prefer keeping pets at home. The most famous pet animal is dog. Apart from this, people also keep cat, rabbit and monkey as the pet animal.

People consider dog as the interesting animal due to it’s qualities. Dog is referred as the most loyal pet of the human beings.

  • Does having pet at home, lead to development of the children?

As per my opinion, it is important to have a pet at home. Children learn lot of positive things from the pets as they play with them.

They cuddle them and care about them. Moreover, children enjoy the company of the pets. This leads to development of their physical as well as mental health.

  • Do you think a person feels safe with the pets when alone?

According to my perspective, pets are kept for the safety of an individual. People stay relaxed and safe with their pet, when they are alone at home. As pet never make their owner feel lonely.

This is also the reason of the preference of dog as a pet. People think dogs protect them from any trouble and let them know if someone is around there home.

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