Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you. IELTS Cue Card

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you.

    • What the clothing was?
    • Who gave it to you?
    • When you got it?
    • Explain why this person gave you the clothing?


Sample answer for the cue card, describe an item of clothing that someone gave you:


People often exchange gifts on different occasions. Moreover, an item of clothing is a gift that everyone loves to receive. This is a gift that is appreciated by all.

I have also received several outfits as a gift from my family and friends.

Now, I would like to describe an item of clothing that someone gave me.

What the clothing was?

 An item that I received is a Jaipuri kurti which has a beautiful print on it. As the complete kurti has print of peacock and some geometrical patterns. It includes a combination of three colours brown, red and black. Moreover, it is in a kind of Anarkali style and has strips to tie on the back, which can be designed as a bow.

Furthermore, the fabric of kurti is very soft and good. It seems to be long-lasting stuff. This Jaipuri kurti has become my favourite outfit as it looks amazing when paired with the oxidised jewellery.


Who gave it to you? When you got it?

An item of clothing that I am describing about, was given to me by my friend as she had visited Jaipur for a trip. If I remember, she gave me the outfit, around six months ago.

Actually, after her trip she came to meet me at my house, where she told me her travel stories. Also, she showed me the photographs and videos that included the magnificent views of the city Jaipur.

Later on, she gave me a gift which was a Jaipuri kurti. I was elated to see this gesture of love but when I unwrapped my gift. I was extremely happy to see it as I like to wear Indian outfits. Also, I wanted such an outfit for so long and finally got it. I thanked my friend regarding the gift and was very happy to receive it.


Explain why this person gave you the clothing?

My friend gave me this outfit as she knows I was searching for a similar item for so long. Additionally, she would bring a gift for me from the destination she visited so she chose an item I was looking for.

Also, it is useful for me as it can be worn on several occasions and she knew that I would be extremely happy after viewing it. This is the reason that she gave me an item of clothing.

Follow up questions for the cue card, describe an item of clothing that someone gave you:



What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

After the working schedule, people prefer to wear loose fit clothes such as: T-shirt, lounge wear, pajamas and tracksuits. As these clothes make them feel relaxed rather than tight-fitted ones. In working hours, one has to wear formal outfits and want to get rid of them as soon as they reach home.


What kind of clothes should people wear at work?


According to my view, people should wear clothes according to their profession. As every profession demands different dress codes.

For instance – A person in the medical profession has to wear scrubs and a white coat as it is their uniform.

A business person wears formal suits as it is according to their working environment.

Therefore, the clothes of a working person totally depend on his/her work field.


Do you think students need to wear school uniforms?

Yes, of course, scholars need to wear school uniforms because it is a necessary part to include to maintain the school environment. Also, each and every student wearing similar clothes brings equality among them.

However, if there is no uniform there will be disputes among students. It will affect the overall development of the children as there will be differences due to their different clothes.

Where do Indian people buy clothes?


There are several options to buy clothes in India. Indian people prefer to buy clothes from online sites as well as retail stores, wholesale markets, shopping malls, bazaar and branded showrooms.

Furthermore, the main bazaars are specialty of every city and the most preferred place for shopping in Indian people.


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