Describe an occasion when many people were smiling-cue card 2021

Cue card: Describe an occasion when many people were smiling:

  • When it happened?
  • Who you were with?
  • What happened?
  • Explain why many people were smiling?

Note –

The above given cue card topic, is asking you to describe an occasion when many people were smiling. It means you should talk about a situation/ time when you saw people smiling.

Ideas to form a cue card on this topic:

There are various situations when people smile.

  • You visited a picnic spot; number of people were happy and enjoying with their family members.
  • While, watching a comedy movie in a theatre.
  • Talk about a festival celebration. For example – Holi, when everyone smiles and play with colours.

Explain all the points asked in the question and manage to speak for two minutes.

Sample answer on the cue card, describe an occasion when many people were smiling:



Start with a brief Introduction:

Smile display the happiness and positivity in a person. There are many occasions when I have seen people smiling.

Today, I would describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

When it happened?

In my college days, there were many events organised for the purpose of entertainment. Moreover, everyone has a busy schedule whether in work life or college life. Then, it is necessary to relax your mind with entertainment or other leisure activities. In my college, events were organised so that students enjoy as well as explore their hidden talent.

Previous year, there was an event held in my college and there were various interesting activities included in this event like dance, games, magic show, music and stand-up comedy.

Who you were with?

I have always attended the events with my friends. Similarly, on this event, I was with my friends and enjoyed the entire event with them.

What happened?

At the beginning, there was an energetic singing performance given by a college band. Furthermore, all the other activities went on in a sequence. All were enjoying the event with their friends. Also, dance and magic show were amazing. However, everyone was waiting for the celebrity guest to arrive. There was a discussion in scholars regarding the question that who is coming as a guest.

Finally, the celebrity guest arrived at the college and the guest was a famous stand-up comedian of my country. As soon as he entered the college entrance, students started whooping and clapping. Additionally, I was filled with joy as I follow this person on social media platforms. I never missed watching comedy videos on his YouTube channel.

I was eagerly waiting for his act. Then, there was an announcement made regarding stand-up comedy by Munawar Faruqui. Moreover, the whole act was of fifteen minutes. In that time, he cracked jokes related to college life as well as work from home.

Explain, why many people were smiling?

The way he presented the entire story with the funny jokes, just made the day of every single person present at the event. There were giggles and laughing voices heard. People were smiling and laughing aloud. In addition to this, the environment turned out to be very cheerful. Also, not even a single person was able to control the laughter. Everyone was amused by the performance and thanked the comedian for such a pleasing act.

Conclude the topic:

Therefore, considering stand-up comedy was a brilliant idea. It was must require to create a joyful environment in the campus. As happiness reduce the stress and all the worries.


Follow up questions, describe an occasion when many people were smiling:


Why do people smile?

People smile to express their happiness. Also, when they find something funny, they express their emotion by smiling.

When do people smile?

There are many situations when people have a smile on their face. Firstly, they smile when they like the conversation with another person. Secondly, when people listen to a joke, it is obvious that they will smile.

In addition to this, people react by giving a smile, when they receive a compliment.

Therefore, people smile when they find something really funny and interesting.

What’s the difference between a fake smile and a true smile?

There is huge difference between a fake and true smile. One can easily come to know about fake smile by the person’s expression. However, a true smile does not require any efforts to be noticed. When a person smiles from the heart, it is clearly visible.


Why do people smile when they take photos?

People smile while, capturing photos because they want to look charming in the photographs. Also, they want to capture some really good pictures.

Apart from this, people upload their photos on social sites, in which they want to look happy.

Who smiles more, men or women?

It depends on the person, there is no logic to think about the smile of men and women. Moreover, a person finds something funny, interesting and joyful, it is obvious that person will smile to express their emotion whether it is men or women.

Do you think people should control their moods?

According to my perspective, people should control on the moods that can spoil their day as well as bother someone else.

For instance – when someone is in an angry mood, in that situation he/she should control it. As person can take any wrong decision in anger. Also, can spoil other person mood by shouting or behaving childish.

In contrast, if an individual control on his/her anger. Then, there will be a stress-free environment.

Do you think people who like to smile are more friendly?

I think an individual, who always have a smile on face, is very expressive in nature. Therefore, a person can easily interact with them, without any hesitation. As one can assume that the person is very frank and open minded.

Do people smile more when they are younger or older?

Everything depends on the situation, no matter a person is a youngster or old. If

there is something hilarious, anyone can smile whether young or old.

In addition, a person reacts on a situation by smiling, there is nothing like an age factor required.


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