Describe an occasion when you lost something – ielts cue card

Describe an occasion when you lost something.

• What you lost?
• When and where you lost it?
• What you did to find it?
• Explain how you felt about it?

Sample answer for the cue card, describe an occasion when you lost something:

I am a person who is very much concerned about my things. I try to be as careful as possible, especially when stepping out. Perhaps, I have the experience of losing one of my personal belongings.

Today, I would like to Describe an occasion when I lost something.

In the month of January, I visited Manali along with my family. We had planned to stay at Manali for around a week and explore all the tourist attractions over there. For the accommodation, we had booked the hotel over there and stayed for our entire trip at the same place.

Later on, it was time to check out of the hotel and we all packed our belongings. My mother told me to recheck the room if something is left. I checked the room carefully but when I reached home, I did not get my jacket while unpacking. Then, I recalled that I had kept my jacket on the bed and it might have been under the blanket.

Immediately, I contacted the hotel through phone and even sent an e-mail. I told them the room number where I and my family stayed. Also, I provided them with some descriptions of the jacket. Thankfully, I was relieved to know that hotel staff has recovered my jacket from the room. It was even so nice to hear from the hotel that they will deliver my jacket to my address.

Then I noticed that my jacket was missing from the luggage. At that time, I was very upset and regretting my carelessness. As it was my favorite jacket so I was worried whether I would get it back. However, after having a conversation with hotel staff. I was happy by their positive reply and services. Therefore, this was all about an occasion when I lost something.

You will soon get the update regarding follow up questions for the cue card, describe an occasion when you lost something.


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