Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

CUE CARD: Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

  • Who he or she is?
  • What he or she is like?
  • How you got in contact?
  • Explain how you felt about it?

Sample answer :

School friends are always remembered and everybody miss those old days. The bond we share with our school friends is the purest thing.

Moreover, those fights, group studies, games, celebrations, bunking classes, lunch time and many more experiences were most joyful days of my life.

I would like to elaborate an old friend I got in contact with again.

  • Who he or she is?

After my senior secondary education, I lost contact with my most of the friends. As everyone got busy in their further studies and career plans. Even I started with my graduation and migrated to another state.

Furthermore, lot of new things were coming in to life. Also, I met many new people. Everything just changed so quickly. I had no talks with my school friends and most of them had changed their contact number.

An old friend I got in contact with again, was my best friend and we had studied together since childhood. Moreover, we both had started our schooling, which means from class nursery we were together. The name of my friend is Amanpreet Kaur. She belongs to a Sikh family.

  • What he or she is like?

Well, she was a disciplined and intelligent girl. She would always score good percentage and was topper of my class. Moreover, she is very kind hearted and always helped other mates in assignments as well as studies. Also, she was good in sports and would participate in several sports competitions.

In my schooling, we both did lot of fun and enjoyed together. I still remember, we used to fight over food at lunch time. Those days, were the most beautiful days of my life.

  • How you got in contact?

Six months back, my sister told me that she met my school friend at a grocery store. Actually, my sister is currently living at Canada. Also, my friend got migrated over there after her marriage. She got married a year ago.

In addition to this, they both had lot of conversation with each other. However, my friend asked my sister, about me. Then, she shared my contact information with her.  Next day, I got a call from my friend. This was all about an old friend, I got in contact with again.

  • Explain how you felt about it?

When, I heard voice of my friend, I was literally quiet for two minutes. As it was a great surprise for me. Moreover, I felt extremely happy and was expressing my happiness by just moving here and there. I did not know, what to react, I felt so relaxed and happy.

We talked for so long, the conversation was around two hours. We recalled all the old memories and asked each other about the present life.

  • Conclusion

I was very happy and shared many life experiences with my friend. Thus, after so long, I got an old friend in contact with again.

Follow up questions, describe an old friend you got in contact with again:

old friend you got in contact again

  • What is the influence of social media on friendships?

As per my opinion, social media has made it easier to interact with friends. There are several options to stay in touch such as, video call, conference call, WhatsApp groups and phone calls.

Moreover, social media is a good and accessible way to get an old friend in contact with again.


  • Why do people lose contact with each other after graduation?

After graduation, people get involved in to focusing on future plans and further responsibilities. Moreover, people follow a hectic schedule and do not get free time for themselves. At that time, everybody is concerned about a bright career and work on their goals.

Therefore, people lose contact with each other due to their busy schedule. Also, they have many things to focus on.


  • Do people in your country like to make new friends?

Yes, of course, people in my nation like to make new friends. They become friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat. Moreover, Indian people are friendly in nature and easily interact with another person.


  • Do you think old friends are more important to the old generation or the young generation?

According to my view, old friends are equally important for all. Everybody has a special place for their old friends. Also, the moments enjoyed with old friends are very precious for every person. As there is nothing much better than those.

THIS IS THE SAMPLE ANSWER AND FOLLOW-UP OF THE CUE CARD: Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.


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