Describe how did you spent your last weekend. ielts cue card

IELTS SPEAKING CUE CARD: Describe how did you spent your last weekend.

  • With whom you spent?
  • What you did?
  • Did you enjoy?


Sample answer one on the cue card, describe how did you spent your last weekend:


Everyone eagerly wait for the weekend as week days are very hectic. Individuals make plans with their family and friends, to gain enjoyment and relaxation.

Moreover, people have smile on their face as they can wake up without any work-related stress.

Today, I would like to describe how I spent my last weekend.

weekend picnic

I spent my weekend with my family at a hill station, which is near my home. On weekend, we mostly go to the same station because that place is loved by everyone in my family.

Talking about the place, it is a hilly area located in Dehradun. Moreover, it is a famous tourist attraction and a perfect place to enjoy. The place is famous for its beautiful landscape view and waterfall.

We all left for that place on Saturday at 7:00 am. Moreover, we travelled by our personal vehicle. After, traveling for about 3 hours, we finally reached that place.

Me and my brother was very happy when we reached there because we like that place very much.

Then, we searched for a place to pitch the tent. Finally, we got a nice place on the mountain where we pitched a tent. The weather was very beautiful over there and wind was blowing.

I was delighted by the amazing view at the place. I don’t think there would be any better place to relax after working for a whole week.

Furthermore, my mother gave us food which we had prepared at home and brought with us. What could be better than eating mom’s handmade food in such a nice place and nice weather? Then, we ate food together and we played songs in our car.

After this, we did the trekking to find a spot for taking photographs.

Additionally, we went to top of the mountain and captured lot of photos. At the evening, we came back to our camp.

Next morning, we left for our home. I enjoyed a lot and got to spend quality time with my family. It’s great to end your week with your family.

Follow up questions:


  • Why people get excited about the weekend?


According to my view, everyone go through lot of stress and workload during week days. There is a fixed timing which is followed. People do not get free time to do some leisure activities. However, on weekend an individual do not require an alarm and can wake up late.

Moreover, people can enjoy several activities on weekend such as visiting the loved ones, going out for a meal, inviting friends at home, watching movie and playing games.

Therefore, weekends release the stress and give joy and pleasure. There are lot of activities that people perform on weekends.


  • What are the leisure activities that people do on the weekend?

As per my opinion, people utilize their time to do what gives them happiness. They follow their hobbies such as reading books, singing, dancing, playing games and gardening.


  • What do you usually do on weekends?

I love to spend time with my family and friends. Mostly, I go out to enjoy some tasty food. I visit at my preferable restaurant with my family as well as friends.

Moreover, I am fond of travelling so I travel to the nearby places. Photography is my hobby so exploring new places gives me opportunity to capture the pictures.

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