Describe the restaurant you like to visit.

Ielts cue card: Describe the restaurant you like to visit.

Speaking cue card topic: Describe the restaurant you like to visit.

  • Where is the restaurant?
  • How you know about it?
  • Why you like visiting there?

Sample answer: describe the restaurant you like to visit:

People often visit restaurants to eat some delicious food. When we talk about food, the first thing in our mind comes is a restaurant. Every person has their own choice of food items as well as the restaurant.

I am a foodie person and visit my Favorite restaurant every weekend. I would like to elaborate on the restaurant that I visit regularly. (Describe the restaurant you like to visit.)

My favourite restaurant is located in the model town area of my city which is about 10 km away from my residential area. Moreover, the name of the restaurant is Nirvana Café.


Describe the restaurant you like to visit.

It is a theme restaurant and provides several cuisines on the menu. The specialty of the restaurant is continental cuisine.

I came to know about the restaurant from one of my friends as he regularly visits the restaurant. He told me that the quality of food is very good. Also, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant. My friend asked me to visit the restaurant with him.

I visited the restaurant with my friend and loved the interior of the restaurant. The theme of the restaurant is on Portuguese culture felt so good at that moment. Then, we ordered some food. I enjoyed all the dishes as they were so tasty. I was impressed by the service of the restaurant. Also, I found the interior very beautiful.

I like visiting the restaurant as the place makes me feel positive and I enjoy the food. The most important thing is that the employees at the restaurant follow all the measures related to hygiene. They sanitize the hands of every customer. I have seen the employee’s serving food by wearing gloves.

Additionally, the restaurant provides exciting offers such as complimentary drinks. I have tried almost all the dishes from the menu and I never regret my visit. I feel very comfortable and I can visit the restaurant with my family as well as friends.

Follow up questions:

Question: What kind of food people prefer to eat in your country?

My home country has different cultures and traditions. Every state has their own traditional food. Moreover, people of my country prefer to eat their traditional food.

For instance – People of Punjab region love Makki Di Roti and Sarso Ka Saag. However, South Indian people enjoy food items such as Dosa, Coconut chutney and Idli.

In recent times, people prefer to eat fast food and it is popular among youngsters. They mostly eat fast food such as pizza, burgers and noodles.

Question: Do you think theme restaurants have gained popularity now a days?

Yes, of course, people find these restaurants very attractive. There are several theme restaurants in my country.

People prefer to visit there as they love the interior and find themselves in a different world.

Additionally, people click photographs and make videos. The theme restaurants give different experiences to their customers. Thus, theme restaurants have gained popularity now a days.

Question: Do people visit a restaurant by checking the reviews on the internet?

As per my opinion, people see the reviews of the restaurant if they have not been there before. They visit the restaurant to see the positive reviews of the quality of food and service of the restaurant. Also, when people see negative reviews, this leads to changing their decision to visit the place.


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