Describe the time when you had to sing a song in front of public.

Latest ielts cue card topic category: sing a song.

Cue Card: Describe the time when you had to sing a song in front of public.

  • Where were you?
  • What did you sing?
  • How did you feel?

Sample answer for the cue card:

(describe the time when you had to sing a song in front of public.)

Songs create a magic that changes everything suddenly. Similarly, a good song can change the mood of an individual. Songs reveal several emotions of a person.

People listen songs on their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Apart from this, individuals visit live concerts to enjoy the music.

Here, I would describe the time when I sang a song in front of public.sing a song cue card

I am a music lover and never miss an opportunity to sing a song. Moreover, when I got admitted in a bachelor’s course and started my college. At beginning of the college, fresher’s party was organised by our seniors. Different categories were included in the performances of the party. The categories such as – singing, dancing, painting and modeling.

Furthermore, freshers were required to showcase their talent. Also, we were told that various awards will be decided on the basis of the performances. I participated in the singing category and had to sing a song Infront of the public. The party date and venue was fixed, I had duration of one week to prepare for my performance. Also, party was organised in a banquet hall.

Additionally, the day came, for which we all were waiting eagerly. All the freshers and seniors were dressed beautifully according to theme of the outfit. Participation in modeling show was compulsory so after that, I went on the stage for my singing performance.

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In addition to this, I sang on the romantic Bollywood song named ‘ Mai Tenu Samjhawan Ki ‘. This was unplugged version of the song which was sung by actress Alia Bhatt for a movie. I enjoyed singing the song and had a smile on my face throughout the performance. Also, I observed that public was loving my performance as all were dancing while, I was singing. Everyone was waving their hands and was amused by the song.

I felt so light after my performance. As by singing I express my emotions and feel relaxed. Moreover, I got lot of appreciation by my professor, seniors and mates. This made me feel happy. Later on, I enjoyed a lot with my friends and danced together on the dance floor. I still remember that day and those memories make me happy.

Speaking part 3 ( Follow up questions)

Follow up questions for the cue card, describe the time when you had to sing a song Infront of public:


  • Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of music?

As per my opinion, teenagers mostly listen rap and rock music. However, adults prefer songs of different genres, they listen meaningful songs and their main motive is relaxation.


  • what are the factors that make people like a song?

There are several factors that people consider to admire a song. The factors such as – lyrics, beats and rhythm. Moreover, people look for songs that give them amusement.


  • On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

In my nation, people sing together when they want to express their happiness. Moreover, they sing mostly on marriage functions, where everyone sings in groups. Also, individuals sing on personal parties.


  • Do you often sing?

As I told you earlier, I am a music lover and enjoy singing a lot. I usually sing among my friends and create a joyful environment.

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