Describe your favorite weather. IELTS cue card 2021

Cue card is describe your favourite weather:

You should say

  • What kind of weather it is?
  • When this weather usually occurs?
  • What you usually do during this weather?
  • Explain how this weather affects you?
  • And explain why you like this type of weather.

Explanation of cue card:

In the given cue card topic you have to describe your favourite weather.

Cue card: Describe your favorite weather. IELTS Speaking  2021.
There are main five types of weather in India. Cue card topic.

You can choose any of your favourite weather and elaborate it.

In the ielts speaking cue card you should include all the points asked. The complete information is very essential.

How to build ideas for cue card:

Firstly, read the question properly and understand what is asked. Don’t be in hurry to make notes without understanding the cue card topic.

In the next Step, start thinking ideas and make notes. You get one minute to prepare your cue card in ielts speaking exam. In the given time, you need to write down your notes as well. After one minute you  are asked to speak.

I would suggest to form your notes in a spider chart. This will make it easier for you to understand your ideas without any confusion. Also, it is a quick method to make notes.

You can easily write number of points on this cue card

For example :-

What kind of weather it is?

  • Snowy

When this weather usually occurs?      

  • winter season,
  • between month December – March.

What you usually do during this weather?               

  • Go to hill station,
  • Love to perform sports activities,
  • Play with snow balls,
  • Make snowman, Enjoy hot chocolate/coffee

Explain how this weather affects you?

  • Give positive vibes,
  • Feel relaxation,
  • Feel close to nature

And explain why you like this type of weather.

  • rare experience as never seen snowfall at my hometown. it is unique and different for me.

Sample answer one :-

Indian people experience mainly five kinds of weather such as – Sunny, windy, cloudy, snowy and rainy.

I personally, enjoy all types of weather also it depends upon season as I adore sunshine during winter season. However, my preferable weather is snowy. Moreover, snowy weather takes place during winter season and is between the month of December to march.

Furthermore, I travel to a hill station to experience the snowy weather as I live in a plain area where snow fall does not occur.

Additionally, I prefer doing winter sports during this weather. Namely , Ice skating, sledding and snowboarding. Apart from this, I enjoy creating snow man as well as playing with snow balls along with my family. When there is snowfall, it gives me the positive vibes as I love the weather and enjoy doing certain activities.

In addition, it is virtuous time for me when I spend quality time with my family while traveling to a hill station just to experience snowfall. The reason I admire this weather is that it is something which I can experience rarely as snowfall does not take place at my home town. Also, for me it turns out to be unique.


Sample answer two :-

Every weather has something special and I love all of them. I think having same kind of weather for entire year will be so boring. However, like everyone, I have my favourite weather too. My loveable weather is rainy.

In my home country rainy weather runs from month June to September. Moreover, I do numerous activities when it rains. I am fond of enjoying masala tea along with snacks.

Furthermore, I open window of my room and feel water droplets on my palm, while drinking tea.

Also, when it rains the soothing smell of the wet soil gives me pleasure along with that I feel close to nature. Throughout the rainy days, I love to dance in rain with my siblings.

I would suffer from cold later on; however, I always dance when there are showers of rain. Rainy weather fills me with mixed feeling. I relish distinct activities as I told you earlier.

The rain droplets bring a grin on my face. Apart from this, I get annoyed when rain lasts for longer time. I do love rain but, water scattered everywhere on roads become a problem. It just feels so messy when I step out from home. There are several reasons of my love for rain. The damp air as well as drops of water provide me sense of freshness. In addition, rainbow is the specialty of rainy weather. From my childhood days I admire rainbow. I wait for the rain to stop and always go on the roof top to see colorful rainbow in clear blue sky.


Question 1 :   How does the weather forecast impact people’s activities?

Answer: According to my point of view, the actions of people are influenced by weather predictions. Most of the residents commute to their workplace and weather sometimes become a hurdle.

For example: there is great impact on individuals who are working due to weather prediction of rain. They have to carry rain coat and umbrella as everyone don’t have personal vehicles.

Another option for presenting Example is:

For instance: When there is weather prediction of sunny day, most of the individual prefer to stay at home as they dislike going out in hot weather. Even though there are some plans, people change them because of weather.

Question 2 : Why do certain people hate climates of some kind?

Answer: Through my prospective, individuals dislike some type of weather conditions totally depends on their choice. Each and every person have their favourites as well as unappreciated weather. Some would love sunny days and others would hate.

For instance: Some people enjoy rainy weather-conditions by dancing in rain and other activities. Yet, they might hate the sunny weather next day. Thus, it depends on their choice of weather.

Question: Do you thing that the weather affects the mood of people?

Answer: Yes of course, weather have an influence on mood of human beings. An individual get positive and negative vibes due to weather. When there is pleasant weather person feel relaxed and joyful.

On the other hand, on a harsh sunny day a person can feel irritated and exhausted. Therefore, weather have a great influence on mood of an individual.

Question 4: In recent year, how do you feel about the climates?

Answer: I think there have been huge change in atmospheric conditions in the last few years. Our planet has experienced rise in temperature due to burning of fossil fuel and other human activities. Moreover, glaciers are melting down which is resulting in shortage of water.  Also, water level has gone down in the recent years. Furthermore, there are disturbing rainfall patterns and occurrence of natural disasters such as: Floods.

This is the sample Ans and follow-up Qus/Ans on your favorite weather cue card.

If you want us to write sample answer on your question. Please Suggest us the topic in the comment section.

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