Describe your favourite colour – ielts speaking cue card

ielts speaking cue card:

Describe your favourite colour.

    • What colour is it?
    • How it became your favourite colour?
    • Why you like this colour?

Sample answer on the cue card: Describe your favourite colour:




Colours add a spark to person’s life. They act as a mood changer. A person can feel refreshing when looking at pastel colours, energetic with bright, upset with the dull and confident with their favourite colour.

Basically, colours have made everything look so beautiful and different. Today, I would describe my favourite colour.

What colour is it?

I like all the colours, as every colour makes me feel different. Apart from this, my favourite colour is orange. I love every shade of this colour, whether lighter or darker.

How it became your favourite colour?

During my childhood, I used to get a new outfit, on my birthday. I still remember, on my 10th birthday, my mom gifted me a beautiful frock, which was light orange in colour.

Additionally, that frock looked amazing and the orange colour suited me a lot. It made me feel fresh and I loved the outfit. I do not remember much but my mom told me that I asked for most of the things in orange colour.

After that, I started collecting all my essentials in orange colour such as, school bag, water bottle, coffee mug and bedsheet. In my childhood, I always chose orange above all the other colours. Your choices change by the passing years. However, orange is still my favourite colour.

Why you like this colour?

Orange is a positive colour as it makes you feel energetic and cheerful. I love viewing the sunset at evening and bright orange colour in sky gives me the positive energy. I like this colour as it fills you with different emotions. It gives the feel of calmness and strength.

I am fond of this colour and always look for it during my clothing shopping. Also, I have several clothes in different shades of orange. However, I never get bored of this colour. Therefore, this was all about my favourite colour.

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