Describe your favourite leisure activity-ielts cue card 2021

In this ielts cue card topic, you should express about your favourite leisure activity.

Describe your favourite leisure activity.

  • What is the activity?
  • Why you like it?
  • How do feel after doing that activity?

Every individual does some activities in their spare time. Mostly everyone follows their hobbies and enjoy their time.

Speak about the recreational activity about which you can explain well and you have several ideas.

Below given are the leisure activities which you can use to prepare for your ielts cue card topic:

  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Cycling
  • Playing online games
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Listening music
  • Watching movies
  • Shopping

Cue Card Sample answer one (favourite leisure activity):

Leisure activities release stress and give relaxation. Every individual do some of their preferable activities during their free time.

Today, I would like to express the views on my favourite leisure activity.

I give free – time lot of importance as after the schedule of studies and  the assignments, the recreational activities makes me feel relaxed. Moreover, the time I utilise for the activities is precious for me as I get it after finishing all the works

However, my favorable relaxation activity is    painting. I am fond of distinct forms of paintings such as, historical, landscape, oil, acrylic and portrait. From my childhood days, whenever I got free time, I loved to make a painting.

Painting is my interest and makes me feel amused. Also, mixing lot of colours on a blank canvas and then creating something adorable is what gives me happiness. Additionally, the strokes of brushes dipped in colourful paint by using my imagination is something magical for me. When I do painting, it diverts my mind from the other worldly issues. Moreover, using my thoughts and then creating the painting gives me joy. It feels like I have shared all my problems with someone, feels so light. Therefore, it is my never-ending love and gives me the relaxation than any else recreational activity.

(Conclude your idea at end)

After I finish my artwork, I feel relaxed and satisfied with my work. Also, it gives me a good sleep as I realise that I have done something productive with other works of the day. Thus, it boosts the positivity and motivation.

Cue Card Sample answer two (favourite leisure activity):

Recreational activities are vital for our mental well -being. There are several leisure activities that people do such as – sports, online games, reading, painting, dancing, writing and cooking.

Here, I would like to talk about my favourite leisure activity.

My lovable recreational activity is reading. Moreover, I devote maximum free time in this activity during weekend. I love to read the novels as they are very interesting.

Additionally, I prefer reading because it I find the stories very realistic. Whenever, I read a book at that time, I am lost in imagining the characters and the story. Also, I do not come to know about the time and my mother has to remind me of food.

(Conclude your idea at end)

In addition, I like this activity as I get to know about lot of new words that enhance my vocabulary. Furthermore, reading novels boost my communication skills by improving my fluency level. This leisure activity is very helpful in my overall development and also gives me relaxation.

ielts Cue Card Follow up questions:

  • Do you think leisure activities are important for children?

I think the recreational activities boosts the overall development of the child. Moreover, for the physical as well as physiological health, these activities are necessary. As when children play, they get physically strong. Likewise, focusing on their hobbies gives them joy which is beneficial for their mental wellness.

  • Does people in your country get the enough time for the leisure activities?

As per my opinion, almost everyone in my nation follows a hectic schedule due to which they enjoy their free time activities only on the weekends. Additionally, people utilise most of their time in relaxing activities during the vacations.

  • Does any difference exist in the leisure activities of adults and the children?

Yes of course, there is a huge difference in the leisure activities of the adults and kids. Furthermore, adults prefer activities such as, reading, shopping and sports. In contrast, children love to do the activities – play indoor and outdoor games, painting, making toys with mud and watching cartoons.

For instance – Most of the adults play pool game during their free time but children play games like caramboard.



Describe your favourite leisure activity-ielts cue card 2021
Describe your favourite leisure activity-ielts cue card 2021



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