Describe your visit to a water park. IELTS CUE CARD

Speaking cue card: Describe your visit to a water park.

  • When you visited?
  • With whom you visited?
  • What you did there?
  • How you felt about it?

Sample answer for the cue card, describe your visit to a water park:

Water Park is the best place to enjoy in summer season. Most of the individuals visit waterpark for amusement.

Similarly, I love to visit the water park with my family. Also, I always be very excited to take the adventurous rides over there. Every year, I visit the water park on summer season with my family as well as friends.

Now, I would elaborate my last visit to a water park.

water park


Previous month June 2021, I visited a water park with my friends which is situated at the outskirts of my city.

Before that day, I and my friends met at a café. Suddenly, one of my friends gave the idea to visit the water park. We all got excited and decided to go Wonderland.

Wonderland is the closest water park from my town which is around 25 km so we travelled by our personal vehicles. When we entered the park, there was a long line at the ticket counter. Luckily, we already had the tickets as I done the booking in advance.

There were various rides and we wanted to enjoy all the rides one after the another. We chose the first ride of our choice and went for it. The name of that ride is Columbus. After that ride, we took all the other rides and it was great fun. Then we moved to water slides, where we enjoyed a lot in the swimming pool. There we danced and captured many photographs and videos.

Then, we went to the food outlets as we were very hungry. There we ate our favourite snacks with the beverages.

Then, in the evening we came back home. When I reached home, I took some rest. It was a good day and I felt very relaxed. Then, I shared my entire experience with my parents. Also, I shown all the photographs and we were happy to see them.

It is a memorable day in my life as I experienced so many new things that day. Moreover, If I got a chance, I would definitely visit the place again.

Follow up questions:

  • Are there many water parks in your country?

In my country, there are several water parks. Moreover, in every state there are water parks which have many facilities. People love to visit the water park along with their friends and family. During summer season, water park is the most preferable place where residents enjoy their weekend.

  • Do you think children enjoy more than adults at the water park?

According to my view, both the age group enjoy all the activities at the water park. The rides and slides are separate for children and adults. Children enjoy the rides such as – train tour, toy cars and swings. Also, they play with colourful balls, play house and enjoy the slides.

On the other hand, adults enjoy adventurous rides such as flying dragon, slide splash, hunter house and roller coaster. They enjoy swimming and dance on the beats of music.

Thus, both children and adults enjoy the facilities at the water park.

  • Do you think children are safe in the water park?

Yes, of course, the authorities of water park follow all the safety measures. Moreover, safety guards always be close to children so that if any mishap occurs, they immediately go for the safety. However, everything is kept in control and all the rides are maintained and checked regularly.

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