How to prepare for the IELTS in one month in 2022.

For preparing Ielts in one month, you have to follow a strict study plan.

IELTS is a testing system to check English proficiency. As you know, the full form of Ielts is International English language testing system.

Generally speaking, if you have good control on English language. Then, all you need is a good study plan and understanding of all the concepts of Ielts. However, if you are not well – versed with the English language still you can achieve a good score in Ielts. To gain the desired score, the foremost step is to build your interest in English language.

Here, is the study plan you can follow to prepare the IELTS in one month:

  • Firstly, find out where you lack in all the four modules – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It means you should know in which module you require improvement. Thus, you should provide that particular module more attention.

How to prepare for all the modules of IELTS in one month:


1 Listening

  • Try to do at least two ielts listening test in a day.
  • Always check your wrong answers as this will let you know the mistakes.
  • Listen English songs with lyrics. Also, watch movies in English language with subtitles. By doing this, you will develop the habit to listen the English language.

Moreover, this will enhance your vocabulary. You will get to know the correct pronunciation of the words.

  • In ielts listening, you lose score due to wrong spelling. Try not to do the spelling mistake. To improve your spelling, you should do practice.


2 Reading

  • Develop your interest in reading, without an interest you will find it boring. Read English books and newspaper to build the interest in reading.
  • Practice to solve the complete reading test in one hour without consuming an additional time. Also, transfer the answers on the answer sheet. You will not get an extra time for writing the answers.
  • After completing the reading test, check the wrong answers and understand how to get the correct answer. By this you will avoid the repetition of the same mistake.

ielts writing

3 Writing

  • Solve both Task 1 and Task 2, at least once in a day. Give equal importance to both the task.
  • Time plays very important part in your writing test. It is necessary to write both the task in one hour. Divide the one hour for both the task. Task 2-word limit is 250 words so it requires more time. Whereas, Task 1 is 150 words and need less time.
  • Practice all types of essay topics (Task 2) as well as graph/chart (Task 1).
  • Use uncommon words and range of vocabulary. Furthermore, Improve your sentence structure.
  • To score well in this module, you should use variety of connectors. Also, use correct form of tenses.
  • Avoid repetition of words by using synonyms. You should know synonyms of the common words.

ielts speaking

4 Speaking

  • In your everyday life, do most of the conversations in English language. This will increase your fluency.
  • You should form your own ideas on the speaking topics. Do not memorise the answers as this will reduce the fluency. When you speak a memorised answer, you will not be able to perform well in the speaking test. Thus, build your own ideas.
  • Use connectors in your speaking.
  • Correct pronunciation of words is essential in ielts speaking test.
  • Do not take too long pauses while, speaking.
  • Confidence is a crucial element in your speaking. You should maintain an eye contact in your speaking exam.

Follow the above given study plan to score good in your ielts exam in one month. You can definitely achieve the desired score if you practice for your ielts exam considering these points.

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