How to write a complaint letter to police commissioner.

Tip: Firstly, you should Identify the type of letter. There are formal, informal and semi-formal letters. Moreover, this is a formal letter.

There is a different format for each type of letter. You must write your letter following the correct format.

When you write your complaint letter to the police commissioner, you should write all your important details such as name, contact details and address. Write all these details carefully. Also, state the entire issue clearly.

Read the sample answer given below:

you will easily know how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner:

Complaint letter to Police commissioner regarding mobile-phone snatching in your area:


Flat no- C 6, Silver Apartments,

Sultan Nagar,

Ludhiana- 126024

May 06, 2022.

The Commissioner of Police.

Central Road, Ludhiana.

Subject: Complaint letter regarding mobile-snatching in my area.

Respected Sir/Mam,

I am writing to draw your attention to the recent mobile-snatching incidents in my area. This is an issue of prime concern in our locality as in the short span of time, several similar cases have occurred.

Moreover, the maximum number of incidents happened in the evening. This is a time when adults and children prefer to go out for some physical activity. Due to the snatching incidents, children are afraid to step out of the house. Also, this has disturbed the routine of old people in my area.

Presently, this is an issue of great concern in my region. Though there are guards at the main entrance roads of the locality but still there is a need for security. I request you to take this issue into prime consideration and kindly take immediate action to solve it.

I am looking forward to a positive reply.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Name/signature of the sender

Contact Details


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