How to write a letter to your friend

Tip – Whenever you write a letter to your friend, relatives and family. Write it by following informal format as these types of letters are considered ‘informal’. Here, you are not bound to use formal words, which means you can freely express your feelings and pen down your emotions.

Read the sample answer given below

you will easily know- how to write a letter to your friend:

You recently went to a public event (for example an exhibition, festival or show) that you think your friend would enjoy.

Write a letter to your friend,

  • Tell your friend what the event was like.
  • Explain why you think your friend would like the event.
  • Invite them to come to the event with you.

Sample answer one: How to write a letter to your friend

Dear Kaira,

Hi! How are you? Hope life is going well. I’m very excited to share the experience of the exhibition I visited lately.

You will be amazed to know it was an art exhibition. I visited the show with my cousin in the city centre, Amritsar. Let me elaborate on the details, the exhibition included different art forms like – sculptures, painting, handicrafts and wooden carvings. It was great to admire the art piece of talented artists. Moreover, there were separate sections for all the art forms. Also, there was a live portrait making section and the charges were quite reasonable. However, you would be happy to know that the interior of the exhibition was vibrant. While I was taking the complete tour of the exhibition that got me wondering about you, my friend.

It’s the perfect place to visit as you are interested in art. Also, you would love to know that I wanted to have the live -portrait experience with you so that we can enjoy the moment together. Furthermore, being a photographer, it would be a great opportunity for you to get pictures of mesmerizing artworks.

I’m inviting you to visit the exhibition with me. Moreover, I have already purchased the entry pass for the event. Do come to my house this weekend as it will be fun together.

I am looking forward to seeing you.



Sample answer two: how-to-write-a-letter-to-your-friend

Dear Jenny,

Hope you are doing well. I’m writing to tell you about a show I visited presently.

It was a modeling show at phase 2, Chandigarh. Moreover, I went there with my office colleagues as the venue is not so far from my workplace. I can’t wait to tell you that the show stopper was your favourite model and actress (…). Surprisingly, it was bridal fashion show. Interestingly, both bride and groom outfits were presented in the event. Apart from this, there were several dances and singing performances to entertain the audience. I loved the overall set – up and the colorful lighting. Also, they presented a variety of designer costumes that were amazing.

Honestly, you will be delighted by watching this modeling event. As I know you are having your wedding ceremony this winter. Also, you are so confused regarding your wedding attire. I’m damn sure you will get some great ideas for your outfits. Most importantly, you will explore different styles and the complete look for the wedding.

I’m inviting you to experience the fashion show with me. I can’t wait to visit over there so I have planned for this Saturday.

See you soon.

Warm wishes,



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