How to write Introduction for IELTS writing task 2.

how to write Introduction for IELTS writing TASK 2:

What is Introduction for IELTS writing?

The format of IELTS essay writing (Task 2), consists introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Moreover, an essay starts with an introduction. It is the first paragraph of the essay.

Purpose of Introduction paragraph in IELTS writing task 2?


The purpose of Introduction paragraph in IELTS writing task 2 is to let the examiner know about your topic. By reading your introduction, examiner will assume your understanding level, whether you have understood the essay topic or not.

Also, by reading your introduction, it will be clear that what you are going to address in your body paragraphs.

According to IELTS writing assessment criteria, there are certain other things noticed by the examiner such as, grammar, accuracy, vocabulary, punctuation and your sentence structure.

Therefore, in essay writing, a catchy introduction is very important. Moreover, it should represent a clear picture about your thought process regarding the essay topic.

How to write introduction for essay ielts:


There are three main statements used to write a good Introduction for IELTS writing.

General statement:

  • This is to make an interesting start, of your introduction. Remember to keep it short.

Background statement:

  • Here, you are required to write down the question in your own wording. Basically, you should transfer the complete question in to your words. Do not repeat the same sentences as well as words.

Thesis statement:

  • This will describe ‘ what next’. It means mention the points, which you will elaborate in your body paragraphs. This way examiner will come to know your further steps. Also, it will develop a picture in the mind of examiner, regarding the structure of your essay.

Furthermore, there are different type of essay topics such as opinion, discussion, solution, advantages and disadvantages and so on. Your thesis statement will be different depending upon the question style.


Do not write irrelevant sentences just to increase the length of your introduction. Write how much is required and it should be meaningful. Focus on presenting a clear and attractive introduction. You’re to the point introduction will make better sense than those long sentences.



ielts writing task 2


  • Keep it simple and easy,
  • Remember it just like a mathematical formula.


Steps to follow, for writing an impressive Introduction for IELTS writing task 2:


ielts writing task 2 introduction examples

Writing Task 2:

Some people think that the range of technology, currently available is increasing the gap between rich people and poor people. Others think that it is causing the positive effect.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Step 1: Read the essay question completely and understand it.

  • To understand the question easily, use the break technique.
  • Read every line separately, first understand what it means. Then, shift to another one.

Step 2: Underline the keywords, present in the essay question.

  • After that, include the synonyms. while, writing your introduction. Instead of repeating same words, use synonyms. This will showcase your knowledge regarding the vocabulary.
  • In addition, synonyms will make it easier to write the Introduction paragraph in IELTS writing task 2.

The keywords in the above given essay question are:


  • Automation
  • Machinery
  • Mechanization
  • Mechanics


  • Distance
  • Space


  • Affluent
  • prosperous,
  • propertied
  • opulent


  • necessitous indigent
  • penniless
  • poverty – stricken
  • needy


  • public
  • citizens
  • residents
  • inhabitants
  • individuals
  • populace

Positive effect:

  • beneficial effect
  • favorable effect
  • useful effect

Step 3: Start writing your introduction by using the formula that I mentioned earlier.


  1. General statement:

Technology has contributed in providing a comfortable lifestyle to human beings.

  1. Background statement:

Few individuals believe that the variety of automation, available presently is resulting in the increase of distance among the prosperous and needy ones. However, others have a view that it is beneficial.

  1. Thesis statement:

This essay will address, both the sides along with the opinion.



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Writing Task 2- Tips, Explanation And Sample Answer

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