ielts agree or disagree essay Sample answer.

ielts agree or disagree essay Sample answer– ielts writing 2022

ielts agree or disagree essay Sample answer

IELTS ielts agree or disagree essay topic:

It is important for all cities and towns to have large outdoor public spaces, such as parks or squares.

Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample Answer: ielts agree or disagree essay

Some individuals believe that it is significant to have huge public spaces in urban areas.  Public spaces such as parks are required in every residential area. I think having parks will benefit society in certain ways.

There are many benefits of having public spaces in cities and towns. The prime point to note is, the availability of large lawns will allow people to focus on their fitness. Citizens do not get open places to do physical activities such as running, jogging and yoga. Maximum number of individuals go gym or do some sort of exercise on their premises. However, if there were the facility of parks, this would bring several health benefits to the community. Another point, having parks and squares will bring people together. As these are the places where public festivals can be celebrated and this allows people to meet and interact with each other. As a result, this will build good relationships among the people. Individuals will come to know about their neighbors and surroundings.

Public spaces add value to the infrastructure of the cities. Having parks or squares will make the area look more appealing. Consequently, it will increase the number of visitors which will lead to the development.

To conclude, there should be public spaces in cities and towns so that citizens get enjoy nature along with the other amenities. It is necessary that citizens get the fresh air and the encouragement to stay fit.

ielts agree or disagree essay Sample answer – ielts writing Task 2

Keywords and their synonyms that you can use in your essay:

1- Important:

Essential, vital, crucial, significant, pivotal.

2- Cities:

Metropolis, urban areas, cosmopolis, metropolitan area, megacity.

3- Parks:

Playground, lawn, recreation ground.


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