IELTS CUE CARD: Describe your recent grocery shopping.

IELTS Speaking cue card: Describe your recent grocery shopping.

  • When you went?
  • Where you went for the shopping?
  • What you bought?
  • Did you enjoy doing shopping?

Sample answer for the cue card, describe your recent grocery shopping:

Groceries are the basic daily basis necessity of every person. Household products are used daily for cooking meals of the day. People go for grocery shopping and buy the products as per their need.

I would like to describe my recent grocery shopping.


I prefer to go for grocery shopping once in a month. As I buy sufficient stuff for an entire month. Previous month, I visited a nearby grocery store for shopping. I went at metro which is a wholesale store. Also, I always go metro for my grocery shopping.

Furthermore, a membership card is required to enter this store. I used my metro membership card and got the entry to the store. The card was asked by the guards at the main entrance.

I carried the list of all the items in a written form so that I do not forget anything.  Moreover, in this way I easily pick all the required things and it consumes less time.

In my shopping list, I included items such as cereals, coffee, biscuits, muesli, dry fruits, spices, oil.

Additionally, there were different sections at the store. All the items were displayed separately, according to their category. I started my shopping from the cereals section. Later on, I went to all the sections along with that I kept the products in trolley. I always read all the information that mention on a product before buying it.

It was a great experience to shop in a Metro Store. There were several exciting offers on the products. Also, I got heavy discount on all the products. I felt happy after the shopping as I purchased all the items mentioned in the list. I was satisfied with my shopping and was happy about the benefits I got such as discount and offers.

Follow up questions:

  • How often you go for grocery shopping?

I usually go once in a month for shopping. I do not prefer buying the groceries on weekly basis. However, I buy dairy products daily as they should be consumed fresh.


  • What are the essential products that you consider in your grocery shopping list?

In my shopping list the most important items are cereals, pulses, oil and Indian spices. In my country, all these products are used for cooking meals. Even at my home, these are important products and consumed daily.


  • Why maximum people prefer online shopping for household supplies?

Presently, most of the individuals order the groceries online. People find it easier as they do not require to step out for the groceries.

Online shopping provides home delivery service and various offers on products. Moreover, people get discount coupons and enjoy online shopping. Thus, people find online shopping beneficial.


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