IELTS Semi-Formal letter: ielts general writing task 1 sample answer

IELTS Semi-Formal letter: You recently celebrated a special occasion in your personal life and received a card and a present from your colleagues at work.

Write a letter to your colleagues.

In your letter

  • Remind your colleagues what the occasion you were celebrating was
  • Thank them for the card and gift
  • Explain why you like the gift and how you will use it.


Sample answer one for the IELTS Semi-formal letter:


Dear Workmates,

Hope work is going well and everyone is good at the workplace. I am writing this letter to tell you that I’m obliged with your birthday praises as well as gifts.

Honestly, I had no clue about your surprise. Moreover, It was really kind of you all to make my day special. As you all know I wanted to spend some quality time with my family. My birthday let that happen, I got paid leave and I utilised it very well by enjoying with my family. Additionally, I went on a picnic and captured lot of photographs which I will show you later.

I am fortunate to have you all as my team mates. However, your gifts and greeting cards left me speechless. It was so thoughtful to give indoor plants as a gift. Also, I read the birthday wishes written on the card. While, reading them I had a huge grin on my face. It’s really admirable that you all planned this surprise for me.

This was an unimaginable present as few days ago I was thinking to purchase an indoor plant. Surprisingly, you fulfilled what I wanted. It’s great that you all remembered that I love greenery around my surroundings. In addition, I had placed this plant vase in my bedroom. It gives me positive and relaxing vibes.

Thank you all for your efforts. Your gifts were amazing.




Do not be confused in IELTS Semi-Formal letter, formal and informal letter.

A letter can be recognized as semi-formal letter, when you are writing to someone you know personally.

For example-

  • You are writing letter to your landlord regarding any problem. Moreover, the format of the this letter will be semi-formal as you know the him/ her personally.
  • A letter to your office colleague. Whether the person is related to your workplace but, you know him/ her and have a personal relation.

Therefore, this letter is considered semi-formal letter.

Note 📝

You should exceed the word limit of 150 words in ielts general writing task 1.

Get to know the Difference between Semi-Formal, Formal and Informal Letters:



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