Ielts Speaking Cue Card Topic 2021 & follow up questions:

Ielts Speaking (part 2 ) Cue Card sample answer and speaking part 3 questions and answers

Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination.

  • When was it?
  • When did you need to use imagination?
  • How difficult or easy it was?
  • Explain how you felt about it?



This ielts Speaking Cue Card is about imagination. The topic ask you to describe a time when you used imagination.

Further, you will get to know ideas about answering the speaking cue card topic completely.

Explanation of the given cue card topic and sample answer:

When was it?

You should mention the specific time, when you used your imagination.

For example-

  • Previous month
  • Two months
  • Last week

Basically, you are required to answer about the time-period.

When did you need to use imagination?

Here, you should express about your main idea. In this, talk about the task you did by visualizing.

How difficult or easy it was?

You should present that using imagination was tough or easy.

Explain how you felt about it?

You should describe about your feelings regarding the whole experience.

Tip- Imagination is a keyword in this ielts Speaking Cue Card topic. Try to use synonyms instead of repeating the same word.

Synonyms for Imagination:

  • Visualize
  • Envision
  • Envisage
  • Imagine

Sample answer for the speaking cue card (speaking part 2):

Imagination involves creative thinking, where an individual can build ideas as well as imagine the outcomes of those ideas in their mind.

It happened numerous times, when I had to use my imagination.
Here, I would elaborate a time, when I used my imagination to accomplish a task.

Few years ago, when I was undergoing my primary education, I was told to complete a picture composition task. Moreover, my subject teacher gave the worksheet on which there were some pictures.

Furthermore, I had to imagine the characters and plot a story using my imagination. I visualized all the characters and their role. Also, I gave the imaginary names to different characters of the story. I wrote the story in 150 words as per the given instructions.

It was not hard for me to portray the story. Additionally, I loved doing the task and found it very interesting. On the other hand, it was a bit difficult to envisage ideas about conclusion and moral of the story. Moreover, this part of the composition was time – consuming.

Later on, when I submitted the story to my teacher, I felt relaxed as I completed my work before the deadline. Furthermore, it was fun doing the particular task and I was excited to get the feedback by teacher.

Follow up questions (ielts Speaking Part 3):

Question 1- Do you think children can have lots of imagination?

As per my opinion, juveniles have a very strong imagination power. Also, they are like a blank canvas so have a good ability to imagine certain aspects. Children do not have life experiences and worries.

Moreover, their life evolves around very few things.

Therefore, children can visualize lot of creative and unique ideas. Their perspective towards things is totally different.

Question 2- Do you think imagination is necessary for an artist?

Of course, visualising is essential for an artist. Artists have several thoughts while, painting.

They need to imagine about subject of their art and combination of colors.

For instance – when an artist make a portrait, then he/she has to envision details about that person which includes- face structure and expressions.

Question 3- What kind of jobs need imagination?

There are several profession those require imagination. The profession such as – an artist, lyricist, fashion designer, a makeup artist, book and script writer.

These are the jobs where an individual need to imagine certain things.

Question 4- What subjects are helpful for people’s imagination?

I think literature of any language play an vital role in developing imagination. An individual can imagine various thoughts while, reading a novel or story book.

For example – Previous month, I read novel written by Chetan Bhagat, named ” Three mistakes of my life”. I imagined the characters and incidents presented in book.

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